Synchronizing Your Promotions

Successful strategic inventory management relies on tying creative and marketing plans to merchandising plans. Marketers and merchants need to develop company-wide planning calendars and projections for all promotions in all channels — catalog, online, e-mail, stores, space ads. Merchants and the inventory control group then plan product purchasing, availability, and receipts to support these events.… read more

Online Invoicing with FreshVu2Go

With FreshVu2Go’s web-based accounting software, all your invoicing moves online to take the hassle and error out of the invoicing process. Generating an invoice can take just seconds, as you import sales orders, quotes or billable project hours directly into your invoice with the click of a mouse, then send it off to the client… read more

Transaction Status At-A-Glance

Helping our customers check their transactions and receive instant status information has always been one of our goals at FreshVu2Go. We’re always looking for ways to help simplify things, make FreshVu2Go more efficient, and reduce the effort required to get tasks done. We’re staying focused on delivering smaller updates to improve important workflows and make… read more