Rental Software

Providing the Best in Rental Equipment Management

From party supply outfits to moving truck enterprises, rental companies across the nation are all discovering the amazing business applications of FreshVu2Go. Developed as a solution to the complicated issues of rental inventory management, FreshVu2Go helps you effectively control both customer-based services and business applications with heightened transparency and in-depth organization.

The core of any rental business is its ability to deliver upon customer reservations and orders. Being able to effectively track rental schedules and equipment is imperative to this ability. Without it, you risk conflicting rental agreements and a lack of equipment or inventory; each spelling disaster for your bottom line.

The capabilities of FreshVu2Go, minimizes these challenges, letting you and your staff effectively manage the delivery and return of all rental equipment. Easy to operate and navigate, our inventory management system increases your capabilities and efficiency on both sides of the rental counter.

On the Front-line: Our Customer-Based Applications

In the equipment rental industry, customer satisfaction is the name of the game. Allowing your customer to rent from you, without hassle or frustration, is the only path to success. If your processes make it difficult to obtain the equipment or supplies they need, when they need it, they will simply seek out your competitor and give them their business.

The applications of FreshVu2Go help eliminate friction and confusion by allowing easy online reservations and ordering. By allowing customers to view availability calendars, they can easily choose products and equipment without hassle or delay. You’ll also increase satisfaction by instantly sending easy-to-view order verifications and rental rules, and by utilizing a variety of payment gateways.

Behind the Scenes: Our Business-Based Applications

Nothing quite induces panic as quickly for rental associates as when equipment or supplies are overbooked or non-available. Because these issues can permanently damage your reputation, no single aspect of business management is as important as your booking and reservation schedules. By virtually eliminating the risk of overbooking your inventory, the FreshVu2Go, helps support conflict-free ordering and allows you to deliver complete orders when expected. Our revolutionary system automatically adds upcoming orders to your availability calendar and sends email alerts as needed.

Beyond reservation management, FreshVu2Go allows managers to easily create, customize and send invoices to customers, accounting and other locations as needed. By also integrating applications for vendor management, tax accounting and customer relations,, FreshVu2Go keeps your recordkeeping processes easy and efficient, saving you time, money and effort in all that you do.