Payment Gateways

Accept payments with ease!

The easier it is for customers to pay, the more likely they are to buy – and it doesn’t get much easier than paying by credit card.

FreshVu2Go offers global coverage and unparalleled payment security through integration with the following industry-leading payment gateways:

gatewaysBraintree (serving merchants in the US and globally)

PayPal (serving merchants in the US and globally)

CyberSource (serving merchants in the US and globally)(coming soon)

Merchant e-Solutions (serving merchants in the US and globally) (coming soon)

WorldPay (serving merchants in the UK and EU). (coming soon)

It’s a global market these days, and you need to be ready to handle payments in multiple currencies from around the world. Shipping to Japan? Selling in Germany? A big deal in Brazil? We’ve got you covered so you can bill and receive payments with ease.


FreshVu2Go enables the acceptance of credit cards through a range of reputable, reliable payment gateways. By integrating credit card payments into the FreshVu2Go online business management software, you’ll reap the benefits of a truly seamless business process:

✔ Automatically capture credit card information and create a customer record

✔ Link invoices to credit card authorization for faster fulfillment

✔ Ensure that only successfully charged transactions are fulfilled

✔ Automatically update your accounts, customer, and inventory records as transactions are completed

✔ Reduce fraud risk with additional verification of card usage


gateway-borderedWith FreshView2Go, you’re always open for business. Integration with a wide range of payment gateways ensures you can make and receive payments anytime, anywhere.