Our Story

About-Us-11-300x215June 1, 2014

I’d like to share a quick story about how we came to develop FreshVu2Go. In early 1997 we were using a number of different applications to help us manage our business, including accounting, inventory management, manufacturing lot control, and project management. This approach proved to be challenging and we were struggling with excessive complexity and a lack of integration and functionality. As a result, we were seeing a decline in productivity and business performance and also committing some costly errors, including not billing a client for a significant volume of work that we had completed.

This last incident flipped a switch, and led me to start a search for a solution that would provide a better way to manage our business. It quickly became obvious that one didn’t exist, so we decided to develop our own solution.

The road hasn’t been easy, but despite many challenges we carried on. Why? Because we believed in the product we were developing, loved our customers and working together, and we had discovered a passion for providing a product that we could be truly proud of.

This commitment has led to considerable success, with over 1 million people from all corners of the globe having used our software to manage their inventory, projects, purchases, sales, time management and much more. Whether it’s a small business, a huge Fortune 500 company, a military or government organisation, we help them improve their business management. The loyal customer base we have built up is something we are incredibly proud of and thankful for, and is one of the key reasons we are particularly excited to announce the latest developments for FreshVu2Go.

Here’s the News…

We are proud to announce we can now offer our integrated accounting and inventory management software as an online cloud solution. We have branded this new enhanced offering as “FreshVu2Go” to highlight what it means for you, the user. The name reflects the “freshness” of an exciting new solution that gives you a “view” of your entire business, not just in the office, but anywhere you are, at any time – giving you a complete view of your business from anywhere you want “2Go”.

At KCSI, we are constantly working to understand your needs and how they are changing. And while we have a culture of, “show, not tell” at KCSI, I will share that our transition to a cloud-based solution will deliver very strongly against some of your emerging needs and reinforce the inventory management and accounting component of our solution’s evolution.

Looking forward, we know that service-based businesses – people that are paid for their precision and effort – are going to be leaders in the future of the world economy. We keep pace with the particular needs of businesses that are left, for the most part, underserved. We strive to provide hard-working entrepreneurs with purpose-built cloud-based accounting and inventory management software in their efforts to guarantee our economic future. Their time and expertise applied to other people’s problems is their goal and ours.

We are going to stay focused on service-based businesses that require enhanced inventory control. So if you have complex inventory needs or are in the service industry – if you create value for your customers by applying your time and expertise to other people’s problems – FreshVu2Go is designed for you.

I wanted you to hear about our evolution from me first. While this is a significant and meaningful change, almost 18 years in the making, rest assured that our commitment to serve you will not change – we’ll still strive to deliver the most extraordinary experiences you’ve ever had with ANY company you’ve ever dealt with. We will continue delivering products and solutions that are incredibly easy to use and intuitive for the way you do your work, whether you are a fast-growing small business or an established multinational organisation.

Our Promise

Lastly, I promise we’ll work hard to continue our tradition of providing extraordinary customer service and building accounting and inventory management software solutions that help save you time, because we know you went into business to pursue your passion and serve your customers – not to learn accounting.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email. I’d love to hear from you. You can also visit our testimonials page to hear what our customers have to say.


Sheldon Kornyk

CEO and Founder of FreshVu2Go

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