Online Tool Crib Management

tool-crib-graphicMissing a hammer, laptop, or maybe a $10,000 piece of equipment? Add the precision  of inventory management to your material and equipment tracking with FreshVu2Go’s Tool Crib software. Our online materials management solution logs every items check-out and check-in, flags extended check-outs, and reports missing items and who is accountable.


Using the FreshVu2Go Online Tool Crib management solution introduces accountability into the equipment usage process, greatly decreasing the likelihood of loss. With FreshVu2Go’s Tool Crib, items are scanned at check-out and check-in to log specific serial numbers, together with the badge of the staff responsible for the item. This means you always have traceability of your equipment at any given time.

By putting our equipment tool crib management system in place you’re able to track tools needed on a job, as well as evaluate the use of tools based on user, address location or fleet vehicle.



With the equipment tool crib management feature tracking the movement of your tools and equipment has just gotten easier:

✔ Enter a tool crib location

✔ Scan or key in an employee or user ID

✔ Check equipment, tools or supplies in or out


You can now transparently see how your tools and equipment are utilized. The tool control system ensures compliance with your policies. This makes it possible to maintain positive control over your entire MRO inventory.

To learn more about our tool crib management system and its many benefits, contact us today. We proudly serve businesses around the world.