Online Project Management

time-keeping-project-management-freshvu2goWe make project management easy with FreshVu2go. You can easily schedule project tasks for your staff, monitor material usage, track project hours, and bill each project in stages. All of this is possible with FreshVu2Go’s online project management solution. We put you in control of your projects no matter where you are, with our powerful yet easy-to-use online project management software.

Track and log time and attendance on the go, so you never lose a billable minute. And always have the most up-to-date information. When it’s time to bill, you can slide the existing time data straight into your invoice and get it out the door in no time. Now that’s easy!



Do you remember roll call at school? Well, we’ve developed something similar for your business. FreshVu2Go’s online time and attendance tracking software enhances your staff management with more detailed logging of staff activities, including the ability to enter specific comments related to each task. This additional level of detail allows you to minimize compliance risk and demonstrate adherence to regulations.


project-management-3You can get your teams working together like never before with FreshVu2Go’s team timesheets. We help you stay updated on billable time across the entire team and monitor your resource usage as the project progresses. FreshVu2Go gives you complete control of every second.

Don’t just wait until the final invoice to know what your billable hours will be! With FreshVu2Go, you can see billable hours at any stage of a project, even if they have not been invoiced. This helps with projections and managing staff time to avoid cost overruns and nasty surprises at the end of your project.


project-management-4While in our project management feature, receive product directly to your assigned project bin or transfer items from another stock location to your project bin location and the inventory quantity automatically updates in each location to reflect the adjustments. Complete the cycle by invoicing out from the project management window.


Less time invoicing means you spend more time making money. While we can’t get rid of invoicing entirely, we sure can make it faster and easier! FreshVu2Go lets you invoice your projects with just a click of the mouse. You can also issue interim invoices for work performed to date, even if the project isn’t completed.

Create a roadmap that enables teams to manage and guide projects from point A to point B and create better efficiencies for delivering services.