Online Invoicing & Estimates

It’s time for your sales to go mobile. With FreshVu2Go’s powerful online sales module, go beyond the basics of invoicing. The entire sales process is fully integrated within our web-based management application. You’ll never miss a new business opportunity again.

✔ Document accounts receivables

✔ Create professional looking invoices, sales quotes and sales orders

✔ Track inventory returned, and inventory on consignment

✔ Locate the movement of items in the process of being serviced

Creating professional invoices and estimates is a breeze. With our easy to use software, you can check inventory levels on specific items, quickly view a client’s account, and filter information by date, customer, invoice, or payment type. In fact, the only thing that’s easier is taking those estimates and converting them into sales orders and invoices, all with a single mouse click! We’ll just go ahead and say, “You’re welcome”.



Billing straight from a sales order? You bet. FreshVu2Go’s online invoicing system lets you insert sales order data straight into an invoice for quick, easy billing. If a particularly large order comes in, you can break it up into separate invoices to be issued as you hit your fulfillment milestones. With the paperwork minimized, you can spend more time drumming up new sales.

As you track your revenue, discover how providing invoices and quotes for clients couldn’t be easier. Simply put, you have complete control of the sales process no matter where you are – now that’s a powerful tool!


It’s a global market these days, and you need to be ready to handle payments in multiple currencies from around the world. Shipping to Japan? Selling in Germany? A big deal in Brazil? We’ve got you covered for euros, US dollars and pretty much any other currency worldwide, so that you can bill and receive payments with ease.

Nobody likes taxes, but they are something that must be dealt with. FreshVu2Go takes the hassle out of sales tax management with adaptable sales schedules that can link different taxes to each schedule for worry-free reporting and remittance of the sales tax you collect.



Managing consignments can be a hassle – but not with FreshVu2Go! Our integrated sales solution sends auto-prompted bills to your clients for stock items that either haven’t been marked as sold or haven’t been returned by a pre-designated date. You can also apply deadlines for sales, so that you don’t need to worry about tracking a client’s consigned goods. Now that’s technology working smarter for you!


When reporting on receivables and creating invoices, FreshVu2Go lets you email documents directly to customers and print reports straight from our cloud-based software. Once you’re satisfied with the numbers, export your data so key staff members can have access to files. We thought you’d like our answer to increasing productivity levels, eliminating excessive paperwork and providing valued customer service to clients!



With our quick and convenient transaction dashboard you’ll always have a complete understanding of your sales activities, no matter where you are:

✔ Quickly glance at your sales data with our snapshot view.

✔ Estimate sales with our projected sales graphs and charts.

✔ Retrieve historical data for evaluating past transactions.

✔ Stay informed and ready for any situation on the go.

Our software offers the freedom of mobility when you need to track inventory levels and adjust estimates while operating from a fleet vehicle, on-site project location, or warehouse floor. Perform transactions and issue invoices, estimates, and receipt of goods instantly.