It’s time to go mobile

In today’s on-demand world, customers expect you to respond to their needs at a moment’s notice. FreshVu2Go’s online business management software gives you access to every aspect of your business from your iPad, laptop or tablet, whether you’re out visiting clients, at a business lunch, or working from home for the day. Now that’s a powerful and convenient tool to have on your side!


Managing data online has become mainstream. With the right online inventory application, your information is only a few clicks away. There is no need to be tied to your desk to view important inventory figures, documents and reports. With our mobile application, you’re able to gain flexibility and enhance your productivity.

✔ Check in on your business no matter where you are

✔ Track project hours with our Project Management Timer. Continually running in the background while you’re out on business.

✔ Capture expenses with ease. Simply take a picture of the bill (think business lunch!) and log it into the system.

✔ Send an invoice quickly and easily while you’re at a client’s office and get paid by the time you’re home!

✔ Transfer inventory and check stock levels while you’re at a trade show, on the floor, or at a job site.

✔ Have access to accurate records immediately, wherever you are. Information is up-to-date and in real time.

✔ Save time and leave less room for error as you flex your inventory management muscles.




Our cloud based application is installed at a central, secure location that is connected to the internet. You can access that hosted application via a web browser that is installed on a tablet, or a laptop. As long as you have access to the internet, you have access to our cloud based software!