Item Disassembly

tool-crib-graphicStock items can often be broken down into their component parts, which leads to a lot of complexity when you’re trying to track an item. FreshVu2Go’s online inventory management software includes an option to track the unique component parts of a given item, so that you know what’s been removed for component resale, repair or replacement, and the costs and depreciation involved. You can also sell a part separately, while keeping track of the reduced value of the original item. Item disassembly provides the following benefits:

✔ Effortlessly track disassembled items for repair

✔ Avoid oversights by setting depreciation limits on parts

✔ Save inventory costs through resale of parts

✔ Easily set depreciation limits for cost savings

✔ Link information and tasks across multiple departments

Developed for companies that purchase used or new items in order to disassemble them into their component parts, and companies that deal with returns and warranties, FreshVu2Go’s item disassembly module will manage the nuts and bolts of repairs, resale, and warranties.


Making the most of reducing, reusing and recycling your inventory is good business for retail businesses that provide second-hand goods, non-profit organizations handling the distribution of goods, or businesses that work with the repair and resale of equipment and vehicle parts. FreshVu2Go’s item disassembly module will track your inventoried and non-inventoried parts, helping you avoid unnecessary costs. Go ahead, set depreciation limits, and track the inventory quantities on hand, including parts within kits, while you single handedly track the before and after costs of doing business.


FreshVu2Go is a complete online accounting and inventory business solution that automatically depreciates the value of the item being disassembled. Be assured that your inventory will never be under or overvalued as a result of you taking components or parts from finished products.

FreshVu2Go handles the number crunching on the go!

Disassemble inventory items while tracking expiration dates, manufacture lot numbers or serial numbers. This makes tracking quantities, related costs in various currencies and depreciation costs a breeze, while eliminating inaccuracies. Who says, a good night’s rest the day before an audit isn’t possible?


Businesses that accept returns through warranties, or even items with no warranty, will find the interface of item disassembly easy to use. Rather than using components to build an item, item disassembly breaks up kits and finished products into their original components. Each item can be traced back to its original source. Operating costs and fixed costs are distributed proportionally to the cost of each produced component. With the introduction of our item disassembly module, the conversion is as simple as following a chain of steps.