Learn About the Best Inventory Management Software for Your Business

Inventory Management for Small and Large Businesses

When running a small or large business, keeping track of your inventory can be time consuming and tedious. With so many pressing matters and moving parts, the last thing your business needs is to be hampered down by lost items or missing inventory. That’s why businesses use FreshVu2Go’s cutting-edge online inventory management software. Our inventory tracking software is loaded with the features your business needs to operate both smoothly and efficiently.

If your business is looking for an easy way to keep track of inventory, rental equipment, and every other intricacy involved with managing a business, look no further than FreshVu2Go’s online inventory management suite. Below, you will learn the basics of inventory management software, as well as why FreshVu2Go is the preferred inventory tracking software for small and large businesses around the world.

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The Basics of Inventory Tracking Software Explained

Behind every successful business lies an inventory management system that can accurately track, record, and compile the data you need to manage your sales and track your equipment. Accuracy is one of the key components to running a successful business, especially when a business’s bottom line is concerned. Failing to properly maintain accurate records of your inventory can wreak havoc on your sales and cause headaches for your accountants. In fact, in a recent study, nearly 65 percent of the 370,000 inventory records from 37 retail stores were found to be inaccurate. This is just one of the many reasons why choosing to use a full-featured inventory management system can be the determining factor to a company’s success or failure.

Benefits of Using Inventory Management Software

  • Know exactly when to reorder products
  • Keep track of sales and returns
  • Make informed purchasing decisions based on your inventory records
  • Optimize your inventory turnover ratio
  • Streamline warehouse efficiency with inventory management automation
  • Inventory tracking in real time
  • Improve communications between departments within your business
  • Automated reordering notifications so that you will never be out of stock of an item again

Why Businesses Need Inventory Management Software

A recent report found that “Forty-three percent of small businesses do not track their inventory or use a manual process.” It’s no wonder that nearly 50 percent of small businesses fail during their first year of operation. Businesses that choose not to use inventory management software will often experience overstocking or understocking, leading to an inventory ratio that indicates lackluster inventory control. Not only is poorly tracked inventory difficult to locate and monitor, it can also cost your business an exorbitant amount in needless expenses by ordering too many items that suffer from slow inventory turnovers. The result of slow inventory turnovers are products that collect dust while sitting on your shelves, ultimately costing your business money. With FreshVu2Go, however, inventory management is now easier than ever.

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Five Reasons Why FreshVu2Go’s Stock Management Software Is Right for You

Cloud-Based Inventory Management at Your Fingertips

One of the most useful features FreshVu2Go offers business owners is the capability to track inventory, sales, and much more from any smart device. This makes FreshVu2Go’s inventory management software the perfect solution for business owners that frequently travel or spend time away from their company headquarters. Not only is does our cloud-based inventory management software offer the most in mobility, it can also be used as an effective tool to increase customer satisfaction through prompt response times. Operating your business in a fast-paced world means that you will be required to tend to the daily needs of your business on a moment’s notice. FreshVu2Go’s cloud-based capabilities make it simple for you to view the most up-to-date information regarding your inventory, employees, and much more from anywhere around the world.

Increasing Efficiency with Cloud Inventory Management Software

  • View total hours worked on specific projects
  • Create and distribute customer invoices effortlessly
  • Analyze and make changes to your inventory in real time
  • Instantly view your business operations from anywhere
  • Request inventory transfers in a matter of seconds

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Receive Precise Inventory Counts at All Times

Managing inventory counts within your warehouse can drastically reduce your costs while giving you a more accurate representation of who is buying your products. FreshVu2Go’s inventory management software allows you to easily analyze product trends so that you can make precise adjustments to your inventory based on which products are most popular. This unique feature is essential to increasing your business’s revenue while maintaining complete control over your inventory.

Tracking inventory is now more important than ever, especially after considering that a recent survey found that 54 percent of companies plan on increasing the volume of items carried as well as the number of SKUs carried. With a growing inventory comes the need for a software to assist business owners in efficiently managing their stock. Luckily, FreshVu2Go has you covered.

Accurate Inventory Monitoring With Stock Management Software

  • Make adjustments to inventory on the fly
  • Completely remove the need for handwritten inventory counts
  • Effortlessly integrate our software with your stock counters’ smart devices
  • Receive precise location details for every item in your inventory
  • Improve inventory accuracy with detailed item descriptions

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Manage Inventory Transfers and Locate Equipment Between Warehouses

If your business lacks an inventory tracking software tool, you may find it difficult, if not nearly impossible to effectively track your inventory between multiple warehouses. This problem can become increasingly concerning if your warehouses are located in different cities, states, or even countries. Neglecting to track your company’s inventory between several locations can create small discrepancies that can add up to large expenses that you may not have planned for. Worse yet, you may not even be aware that improperly tracking inventory between warehouses can significantly impact your business’s profitability. Fortunately, FreshVu2Go has implemented a useful tool to help business owners manage multiple locations at once while being able to request inventory transfers at the click of a button. This handy feature makes it simple for you to know exactly where your inventory is located at all times.

Improve Your Company’s Tracking Capabilities with FreshVu2Go

  • Easily increase your revenue with accurate inventory tracking
  • View where every one of your employees are working based on location
  • Make quick inventory transfers between different warehouse locations
  • Monitor where company equipment has been sent and received
  • Track company vehicles with ease

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Keep Your Customers Pleased with Leading CRM Software

The secret to the success of many companies is their ability to effectively communicate and create longstanding relationships with their customers. No customer likes feeling like they are being neglected by a business, which is why customer relationship management tools are an essential key to the success of your business. Failing to maintain relationships with your customers can create a problematic situation as repeat customers are essential to increasing your business’s profitability. At FreshVu2Go, we realize the importance of maintaining contact with customers, which is why our cloud-based inventory management software features an incredibly useful customer relationship management solution. Not only is our CRM tool vital for staying up to date with your customers, you can even schedule meetings, set reminders, and so much more with FreshVu2Go’s customer relationship management suite.

Improving Customer Relationship Management with FreshVu2Go

  • Filtering to increase your customer search efficiency
  • Tools to export customer information for business purposes
  • View past purchases, previous price quotes, and much more
  • Browse customer notes from previous conversations
  • View customer info in one convenient location

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Make Customer Payments Easy to Increase Your Revenue

When asking customers to pay for a product of service, giving them as many payment options as possible can increase the likelihood that they will be inclined to do business with your company. We understand that no two customers are the same, and as such, they may have varying payment preferences. That’s why FreshVu2Go has made it a breeze for customers to use a number of payment methods when purchasing from your business. Our inventory management software supports some of the most popular forms of payment such as Paypal, Merchant E-Solutions, Braintree, CyberSource, and WorldPay. We offer a variety of payment methods because we know that modern day business is conducted globally as much as it is conducted locally. With FreshVu2Go, there is never a time where your business can’t accept payments from customers online.

Increasing Total Sales with FreshVu2Go’s Account Management Software

  • Generate customer payment preference with auto-capture payments
  • Improve transaction safety with the latest credit card verification standards
  • Keep customer payment methods up-to-date automatically
  • Offer several ways for customers to complete their order
  • Receive payments at all hours from customers around the world

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Three Advanced Features to Unlock the True Potential of FreshVu2Go

Monitor Every Piece of Your Business’s Equipment

A business is composed of so many different moving parts that it can sometimes be tedious to try to keep track of every piece of equipment used by employees. Lost equipment can amount to incredulous expenses annually if not properly accounted for. Whether equipment is stolen, lost, misplaced, or broken, your company needs the tools necessary to effectively track your company equipment. That’s why FreshVu2Go has incorporated an extensive tool crib management solution to easily monitor your company’s tool usage. With our tool crib management software, you will be able to manage equipment transfers, trace a tool’s location, and a variety of other features designed to save your company the yearly expenses that come with costly equipment replacements.

Saving Money with Precision Equipment Tracking

  • Link employee badges to equipment rentals for the most accurate tool tracking
  • Quickly track the location of every piece of company equipment
  • Check out company tools when needed, then check in company tools when they are returned
  • Give unique item descriptions for each piece of company equipment
  • View when specific tools were checked out for increased accountability

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Precisely Track Hours Worked by Employees

If you are a business owner that employs hundreds of individuals, you may find it hard to maintain employee accountability. It is incredibly difficult to track your employees’ whereabouts, especially if your business operates from several different locations at once. From project hours to employee attendance, having a tool to monitor timesheets and attendance can significantly help your business improve its efficiency and accountability. With FreshVu2Go, we have developed our time and attendance tool so that businesses around the world are provided with the relevant employee information they need to track billable hours and so much more. Never again will your company have to worry about employee attendance, payroll discrepancies, or tracking hours spent on a specific project.

Maintain Accurate Employee Records with FreshVu2Go

  • Track total hours spent on a project
  • Keep the most accurate timesheets making payroll a breeze
  • Easily monitor employee attendance and hours worked
  • Add unique comments to any of your work tasks
  • Make it easier for employees to view their total hours worked

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Effectively Monitor Your Business’s Goods on Consignment

When goods on consignment leave your warehouse, the seller agrees to pay you back in full once they have sold the goods in question. However, if your business works frequently with businesses that take part in consignment selling, keeping track of every good on consignment can prove to be a very difficult challenge. Whether you are requesting the return of unsold goods, or are wanting to bill your customer for goods that have not been paid in full, there are countless reasons why you could benefit from using an inventory management software capable of tracking goods on consignment. Luckily FreshVu2Go offers an all-inclusive consignment management tool that can assist you in monitoring your consignment sales.

FreshVu2Go Makes Consignment Billing Easy

  • Track the exact amount of your customers’ goods on consignment
  • Enjoy the convenience of automated billing of overdue consignment goods
  • Monitor the location of your consignees from one screen
  • Easily create a line of communication between consignor and consignee
  • Effortlessly manage consignment billing dates for all of your customers

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