Core Returns

This specialized and innovative module is for businesses that deal in equipment or parts that need to be returned upon replacement, think car parts or medical equipment. When items are configured in FreshVu2Go’s Item Manager, with the core return expected flag enabled, FreshVu2Go automatically knows that the item is sold and a core return is expected. The system automatically creates a core return entry for the customer, tracks the return of old parts, commonly known as cores, and sends out automatic emails to follow up with customers. The core returns module assures that both the customer and user are notified when a core has not been returned within a predetermined period. Once you’ve received the core return, the module also integrates seamlessly with the service and return modules, enabling you to track your actions related to the returned core (part). Whether you’ve processed the part through Service & Returns, in order to facilitate a fix and repair action to the core, destroyed it, or put the item directly back into stock, the system is tracking your steps by using the core return module.


time-attendanceOur core return module gives you instant and complete visibility, by tracking expected or outstanding cores, returns, associated costs and customer expectations. Send notification alerts the moment an order is placed in which cores are expected, and track the status of core returns. Assess return orders and signal inspection requirements. Manage returns by serial number, manufacturer lot, length of time since purchase, even  item codes and description.

We’ve got you covered with 360 degrees of service. Utilizing FreshVu2Go for inventory management, you will never lose track of which customer still owes you a core, or when a returned core is related to a sold item.