Consignment Manager


gatewaysManaging consignments can truly be a hassle – not with FreshVu2Go! Our integrated, sales consignment solutions send auto-prompted bills to customers for stock items that either haven’t been marked as sold, or haven’t been returned by the pre-designated date. You can also apply deadlines for sales, so that you don’t need to worry about tracking a client’s consigned goods. That’s working smarter, not harder!

Keep track of inventory consigned in multiple locations and manage consignment levels from your laptop or tablet. Simply put, our software fully integrates your consignment needs in one easy solution.


Managing your consignees has never been easier! FreshVu2Go allows you to easily track your consigned items, balances, account activity and payment history. Generate consignments by adding inventory to your consignee’s assigned location either one at a time or by batch. You can attach agreement documents to item entries and assign an expiration date to monitor contract cycles; allow customer-portal permissions giving your customer (consignee) the freedom of managing their consigned goods in your system. The customer can indicate which items they have sold or what items they wish to return; feeding this information directly into your consignment management system and setting in motion your customer invoicing. That’s technology working smarter for you!


Tracking inventory with FreshVu2Go is breeze. If it is ease of use, accuracy and a range of dynamic features, (like tracking how much of your inventory your consignee’s have at any given time), our online inventory feature application is the one for you. You are able to search for inventory items by MFG number, name, serial number, or UPC code. Inventory items can be added one at a time, or in bulk. It’s never been easier to manage your stock!


Find all of your customer information in a single, easy to understand screen in FreshVu2Go. With our web-based customer management feature, you can access the  complete record of historical transactions, balances and credits on file, for any of your consignees. We make it easy for you to automate your transactions with alerts, allowing you to quickly and easily schedule tasks, activities and meetings related to a customer; everything you need to know about your client relationship is at your fingertips.


FreshVu2Go can automate the process of managing your consignments, based on your consignment due dates, the system will color code overdue consignment items and prompt you to auto invoice accordingly. By utilizing the consignment due-date feature, you’ll secure the benefits of a truly seamless business process in consignment manager.

✔ Ensure that overdue consignment items are billed on time

✔ Automatically manage all of your consignments for all consignees at once

✔ Enjoy our fully automated customer portal from start to finish

✔ Assign your consignee permissions to manage their consignments

✔ Improve communication between the consignee and consignor during the life of a contract

All of these features are integrated for use with an iPad, tablet, or wireless laptop. Experience the freedom of working from anywhere, affording you increased accuracy and speed, with complete control.