FreshVu2Go and Your Manufacturing

Manufacturing inventory software is an invaluable tool for manufacturers to operate more efficiently and save more money. With FreshVu2Go, you can quickly generate different kinds of bills of materials, work orders, and invoices to help optimize your manufacturing processes. FreshVu2Go empowers you to: Assess final costs for products to increase your pricing accuracy Build manufacture… read more

FreshVu2Go Helps You Manage Your Costs

Costs are important to all businesses. Costs can be divided into four general classes: Absolute – which measures the loss in value of assets. Relative – which involves a comparison between the chosen course of action and the course of action that was rejected. Fixed costs – incurred only once and as additional units of production… read more

FreshVu2Go’s Serial Number Tracking

Serial number tracking with FreshVu2Go manages an unlimited amount of serial numbers from the time they are received into inventory until the time they are issued. This information is permanently recorded in the system, allowing inventory control personnel access to a wealth of historical and validation information. The information maintained by the Serial Number Tracking… read more

Take Your Business in Stride with FreshVu2Go

FreshVu2Go gives you the advantage of numerous features for inventory management, helping you to gain the abilities to: Enter Data On-the-Fly Warehouse and shipping/receiving staff can record bar-coded items with a scanner connected to a multitude of computing devices. An wide array of data can be gathered, validated and verified in this way — not… read more

Let Us Help You Solve the Challenges of Project Management

No matter what industry you work in, project management can be a tough thing to tackle. You have to keep track of multiple teams, multiple development stages, and maintain clear communication with your employees and your shareholders. Adding a remote team to the mix makes the communication that much more difficult, but regardless of the… read more

Cloud Connectivity with FreshVu2Go

FreshVu2Go, is the prime cloud-based online inventory management and accounting system available in the world today, can keep your most important information processes to the forefront – for the benefit of both you AND your customers. Give FreshVu2Go a chance to show its stripes and that it’s more than capable of handling the aspects of… read more

FreshVu2Go’s Pricing Plans

FreshVu2Go is the finest online inventory management software available. For seamless integration of all aspects of your business, please check out our packages and features included. FreshVu2Go’s pricing options include the following:… read more

Get to Know Your Customers Day!

The third Thursdays in January, April, July and October have recently been entitled “Get to Know Your Customers Day”. In that spirit, we would like to take the time to get to know you. Please copy and paste the following questions and email them to us! Do you run your own business full-time or part-time? How… read more