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FreshVu2Go: Bigger and Better with Maintenance Pro

Hot on the heels of last week’s update, this week’s post will highlight a few Maintenance Pro features to get you started in understanding this remarkable new module. When it comes to equipment and vehicles, Maintenance Pro offers multiple time-saving features to help you with your tasks, transactions, and project-related communications. Without a doubt, Maintenance… read more

Improving Inventory Management with FreshVu2Go

FreshVu2Go’s SaaS management software is easy to use. Ideal for managing your stock and daily business processes, you’ll maximize efficiency. Here are some aspects of our management software that will help to improve your stock management efficiency: Designate “zoom” zones in your picking area Employ no more than three standard shipping cartons Establish a warehouse… read more

Making Your Projects Smooth as Silk

FreshVu2Go makes having the conversations between you, your clients, and your team members immediate and worthwhile. When all of your data and ideas are coordinated in one place, you’ll always have excellent communication and will complete tasks with optimal efficiency. With FreshVu2Go’s SaaS management software, you can confer with your team members to have those… read more

FreshVu2Go Crunches Your Numbers

FreshVu2Go’s Saas management tool takes care of your business’ numbers, letting you avoid the headaches and time that it would take to calculate them manually. Leave the stress of profit and loss, income statements, and other small business financial reports up to FreshVu2Go. Our easily-integrated software will keep your numbers up-to-date so you can know… read more

Managing Your Inventory Quantities

Shifts in Demand Some goods might not sell due to shifts in market demand. For example, a clothing store that stocks too many tank tops during the summer may find itself unable to get rid of the tank tops before fall. During the autumn, consumers might demand different types of clothing, like T-shirts or sweatshirts,… read more

The Problem of Too Much Stock

Too often companies will realize that though their shelves are loaded with stock items, the revenues for the month are not making all this storage — and its costs and personnel — worthwhile. FreshVu2Go can help users turn this trend around so that your profits improve and your overhead is kept both low and manageable.… read more

FreshVu2Go Expands Your Manufacturing Advantage

Manufacturing inventory software is an invaluable tool for manufacturers to operate more efficiently and save more money. With FreshVu2Go, you can quickly generate different kinds of bills of materials, work orders, and invoices to help optimize your manufacturing processes. FreshVu2Go empowers you to: Assess final costs for products to increase your pricing accuracy Build manufacture… read more

Manage Your Asset Projects With FreshVu2Go’s Maintenance Pro

Maintaining linear assets such as pipelines, railroads, and transmission or electrical wires, places a large demand on suppliers and manufacturers by the maintenance and replacement services required. The materials and equipment needed to perform these maintenance tasks also need servicing and tracking. FreshVu2Go’s Maintenance Pro helps the maintenance crews keep track of personnel, materials and… read more

Ship Management with FreshVu2Go

FreshVu2Go provides a completely integrated, SaaS inventory solution for many businesses and industries. The advantages of integrated software systems lies in the uniformity of user interface, consistency in global company data, and no requirements for data transcription from one system to the next. The inherent reliability of many processes in FreshVu2Go lend themselves to many… read more