Managing Inventory

Why POS is the Best Choice For Managing Inventory

In modern businesses, the advantages of a Point-of-Sale (POS) system have become obvious. Here are just some of many benefits for your company: – Conduct overall inventory management using POS, which is beyond most old cash register systems. – Create your own purchase orders, thus eliminating an extra step in your ordering process. – Easily… read more

Management Concepts…

It is important to keep in mind that each managerial decision has its pros and cons. Sometimes, writers will convince you that divisional or matrix structure are the recent trends and that you need to re-engineer your structure tomorrow morning. obviously, this is not true. Many organizations still has functional structure and is doing very… read more

Keep On Top of Costs with FreshVu2Go

Costs are important to all businesses. Costs can be divided into two general classes: Absolute – which measures the loss in value of assets. Relative – which involves a comparison between the chosen course of action and the course of action that was rejected. Fixed costs – incurred only once and as additional units of… read more

Bolster Every Project You Have

No matter what industry you work in, project management can be a tough thing to tackle. You have to keep track of multiple teams, multiple development stages, and maintain clear communication with your employees and your shareholders. Adding a remote team to the mix makes the communication that much more difficult, but regardless of the… read more

Meeting Customers’ Needs with FreshVu2Go

Companies large and small are getting more involved with the following aspects of their customer interaction experience: Being able to act on all of these capabilities simultaneously and in real-time Bringing more certainty to the business by extracting real-time information to enhance forecasting and decision-making across the value chain, all enabled by cognitive processes and… read more

Picking Methods with FreshVu2Go

Batch Picking is the order picking method where orders are grouped into small batches, an order picker will pick all orders within the batch in one pass. Batch picking is usually associated with pickers with multi-tiered picking carts moving up and down aisles picking batches of usually 4 to 12 orders. However, batch picking is also… read more

Choosing Your Inventory Master

A wide variety of training is available these days for those who wish to specialize in inventory management practices. The concepts that may seem very mathematical at first all support the ideas of supply-and-demand as well as incorporating the concept of the warehouse or storeroom as an evolving entity. As for managers or owners selecting… read more

Using Barcodes with FreshVu2Go

Work tracking is easy when using barcodes. Managers can conduct improvements to optimize your business on the track towards the greatest success available to you at the present moment. Scanning barcodes on forms make for easy and accurate data exchange among all departments of your business, which leads automatically to a more fluid and efficient… read more

Item Transfers with FreshVu2Go

In this video, we’re going to show you how FreshVu2Go’s inventory tracking software makes it easy to digitally move inventory from one area to another within your company. We know that you will be pleased using our state-of-the-art cloud inventory management suite, which is why we are offering all prospective customers a free FreshVu2Go trial!… read more