Bill Of Materials Picking (BOM)

FreshVu2Go’s BOM (bill of materials) module breaks the manufacturing of an item down to the component level; providing commands of material needs and assemblies required to pull together an end product. Information from purchase orders and inventory control is taken and integrated into BOM picking so that a variety of tasks can be coordinated.

time-attendance✔ Specify material usage on picking list

✔ Remove the need to manually gather data

✔ Eliminate waste during complex assembly processes

✔ Edit previous instructions to create new BOM

✔ Automatically establish appropriate locations for materials

✔ Have teams access the same information in real time

✔ Improve relationships between teams and employees through collaboration


FreshVu2Go’s bill of materials module allows users to build a finished product based on a bill of materials, providing a list of components (or products) required to assemble an end product. It can handle both simple and complex builds to include sub-assemblies. Configure your build to pick only pre-built sub-assemblies, or pick the components for sub-assemblies in the process of being built. You can also establish the picking and assembly of components by using barcode scanning. This ensures only the right components are picked for each assembly, the right quantity is picked, and inventory levels are automatically recorded in real time.


ipadThe bill of materials is at the core of any physical product. Having an accurate bill of materials system in place is important because it provides details on all the parts required to build a shippable product. This can include complex assembly of the parts required to build an engine; as well as the parts required to build the vehicle housing the engine. BOM picking assists any industry that is creating, building or manufacturing products for sale.