Your Industry and FreshVu2Go

If you’re active in the following industries, FreshVu2Go can help you succeed and improve: – Administrative Tasks & Services – Aerospace – Archival Tasks – Apparel – Automotive – Books & Periodicals – Computers & Technology – Construction – Consumer Electronics & Appliances – Electronic Equipment – Entertainment – Equipment & Tools – Food &… read more

FreshVu2Go: Your Best FIRST Choice

By engaging a comprehensive inventory management system along with the ideal sales application, small to mid-sized companies are able to dramatically reduce their expenses, increase their intrinsic efficiency, and maximize their management plans that coordinate their businesses. As items are entered into the system, FreshVu2Go takes it from there, marshaling the entire inventory for your… read more

Helping Your Business Grow with FreshVu2Go

Taking steps to expand your business’ client base, to provide better service, and to perform more efficiently requires sound planning and analysis of how your company has done in the past. Your approach will demand ever-modernizing steps to make your business memorable and unique, while at the same time your business structure must take advantage… read more

Synchronizing Your Promotions

Successful strategic inventory management relies on tying creative and marketing plans to merchandising plans. Marketers and merchants need to develop company-wide planning calendars and projections for all promotions in all channels — catalog, online, e-mail, stores, space ads. Merchants and the inventory control group then plan product purchasing, availability, and receipts to support these events.… read more

Take Your Business in Stride with FreshVu2Go

FreshVu2Go gives you the advantage of numerous features for inventory management, helping you to gain the abilities to: Enter Data On-the-Fly Warehouse and shipping/receiving staff can record bar-coded items with a scanner connected to a multitude of computing devices. An wide array of data can be gathered, validated and verified in this way — not… read more

Let FreshVu2Go Help You to Keep It Simple

When we have too much time spent as slaves to technology, our regular tasks become delayed and we begin mentally stacking them like boxes on a shelf. If we are not careful, we get to the point where we cannot see the back row of boxes. FreshVu2Go will help everyone to spend more time working… read more

Small Businesses Need Inventory Management, Too!

As a small business owner, you may think that your company doesn’t need a high-powered inventory management system. After all, you only have a few products and all of your inventory can fit into one small warehouse space, right? You may even think that inventory management is something only large companies need because size is… read more

Why FreshVu2Go Is Better Than The Rest

After a survey of other competitive cloud-based inventory/accounting packages, their shortcomings become obvious almost immediately: Poor inventory management Almost non-existent sales analysis No management accounts, only financial accounts Add-ins are expensive to build into the functionality Reluctance of program developers to deliver features that customers request Inability to allocate multiple bank rows to a single… read more

Let Us Help You Solve the Challenges of Project Management

No matter what industry you work in, project management can be a tough thing to tackle. You have to keep track of multiple teams, multiple development stages, and maintain clear communication with your employees and your shareholders. Adding a remote team to the mix makes the communication that much more difficult, but regardless of the… read more