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simms_manufacturingManufacturing inventory software is an invaluable tool for manufacturers to operate more efficiently and save more money. With FreshVu2Go, you can quickly generate different kinds of bills of materials, work orders, and invoices to help optimize your manufacturing processes.

FreshVu2Go empowers you to:

  • Assess final costs for products to increase your pricing accuracy
  • Build manufacture orders to house multiple work orders and bills of materials
  • Convert your sales orders into work orders
  • Create purchase orders for out-of-stock items on a manufacture order
  • Generate bills of materials for your manufacturing projects
  • Print packing slips and invoices for faster deliveries
  • Produce work orders for different types of jobs, including maintenance and disassembly

Utilizing FreshVu2Go, from anywhere at any moment, you can monitor inventory levels in real time, train employees to help with inventory management, and manage inventory in multiple warehouses. With this increased efficiency, you can keep your costs down, eliminate making bad decisions (like overstocking any slow-selling items), and spend your money more wisely and with greater impact.

Implementing the four main disciplines of optimized manufacturing – cost tracking, frugality, inventory tracking and sales monitoring –- is difficult enough without precise control. FreshVu2Go provides that control as well as numerous tools and features to help you improve your position as a manufacturer.

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Helping our customers check their transactions and receive instant status information has always been one of our goals at FreshVu2Go. We’re always looking for ways to help simplify things, make FreshVu2Go more efficient, and reduce the effort required to get tasks done.

We’re staying focused on delivering smaller updates to improve important workflows and make things easier for you. New features like Transaction Status Legends can help your efficiency when working with your vendors and customers.

That’s what this release is all about.

Transaction Status is now immediate

If you’re doing a lot of buying and selling, your ability to check on the status of transactions helps you save time and then decide on what the next step is and how soon to take it.

When looking at your sales documents – quotes, sales orders and invoices – you can now see their current status instantly on a single screen with FreshVu23Go. Before you had to open the sales documents to see what steps were complete and which steps were yet to be processed. Now, you only need to look in one place.

Select the transaction screen, and simply view the current statuses in the Status column and you’ll instantly know which ones are at which step of their overall process.

For instance, on the Invoice screen, you can see the following:

For explanations of the statuses listed, the Status Legend now appears beneath every transaction list, as follows:


FreshVu2Go also includes the statuses and the legends for all of your purchase screens as well, from purchase orders to receipts of goods. Further, the legends for other features and modules – such as Item Transfers and Maintenance Pro – provide you with instant, simple explanations so that you can keep doing business with all the information you need on-the-spot, immediately.

And as you process your transactions, their statuses are updated immediately for the reference of all users of FreshVu2Go – it’s yet another improvement for speed and ease we’ve built into the design.

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The primary goal for all supply chains is to provide clients with what they want, when they want it. Inventory management plays a crucial role in the need of every supply chain to satisfy its clients.

However, in many organizations the opportunities to lower inventory costs are too rarely addressed or are not exploited thoroughly enough. If your company requires assistance taking money out of inventory there are numerous strategies you can employ that will pay off immediately. Here are five of them:

  1. Letting Economics Dictate Base Cycle Stock: For manufactured products, if production equipment changeover costs are in a similar state, getting them in place will either reduce average inventory through shorter runs or allow for reducing changeover and receiving labor through longer runs. For purchased products, keeping control over your acquisition transaction costs will either reduce average inventory or allow for reducing purchasing and receiving labor.
  2. Lowering of Inventory Holding Costs: Improving your space utilization in contracted, leased, or public warehouses (or minimizing or delaying the expansion of owned facilities) through layout, narrow-aisle handling equipment, mezzanines, or more appropriate storage modes will all reduce your holding overhead.
  3. Shortening of Lead Times: For either purchased or manufactured products, any reduction in lead time (receiving cycle time, supplier lead time, or transportation time) provides a single, permanent reduction in cycle stock inventory proportional to the throughput level of the SKU and the degree of lead time reduction. In a similar manner, the elimination of lead time variability and growth of inbound unit-, SKU-, or order-fill rates both will increase your supply reliability and reduce your safety stock inventory for all customer service levels respectively.
  4. Liquidation: While there remains a short-term price to pay on the profit and loss (P&L) and the balance sheet, when it becomes obvious that the value to be gained through liquidation – by sale at reduced price, sale as distressed product, salvage, or by charitable donation –exceeds the most optimistic estimate of future gross margin from conventional product sales, liquidation becomes your best course of action.
  5. Accuracy of Inventory Balances: Inaccurate stock balances have the lingering effect of undermining the very best forecasting and safety inventory management processes that you can employ. Through effective cycle counting and with effort towards identification of the root causes of issues, you can keep on top of identification efforts.

Whether your business is large or small, the best on-the-go tool you can employ for your inventory management is FreshVu2Go, a constantly evolving and improving application with all the particulars to suit your company.

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Cloud computing got you perplexed? You’re not alone. Most of us talk about “the Cloud” without even realizing what it really means. We’re clearing the air on cloud computing and how it can benefit your small business.

The Cloud is where you put all your data, all your files and even your software so you can access it all from any computer or device, anywhere, at any time. See the difference the Cloud can make in how you work, bank, communicate, sell and buy.

Traditional Banking or Internet Banking?

It used to be the case that your financial data was only available to you when you were physically at the bank. With internet banking, your financial data is available online in the cloud. You can access it anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Traditional mail or web mail?

Traditionally, your correspondence was only available at the post office. Web mail means that your mail is available whenever you’re online. You can send an email anytime, from anywhere and on any device.

Traditional filing or cloud storage?

Your files used to only be accessible at the office. With online or cloud storage, your files are conveniently available for you whenever you’re online at anytime, from anywhere.

Traditional shopping or online shopping?

When your physical business is only open at limited times and places then customers have a limited time frame to view and buy your products. With online shopping, customers can enjoy the convenience of being able to view products and shop anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Traditional Accounting Software or Cloud Accounting Software?

With traditional desktop software, your data lives on your computer or laptop. This means it’s only available at limited times and on limited devices – and often to a limited number of people. With cloud software, your data lives online, so it’s always accessible from anywhere at any time if you have an internet connection. Good cloud software will also let an unlimited number of people use it at the same time.

Cloud Myth Busting

The cloud isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, we’re tackling the tough questions about cloud computing so you can be prepared before moving your small business to the cloud.

The big benefit of cloud computing is that it lets you get at your data anytime, anywhere. The cloud breaks the chain between your office computer and your business information.

Need access to your business bank account while you’re on the move? No problem with the Cloud. Want to buy office supplies while you’re on the train? It’s easy. Need to update your accounts while you’re out of the office? Now you can.

With the Cloud there’s no need to keep all your files and applications on a single computer – no need to worry about backups, theft, data loss, support and upgrades. It’s all taken care of by dedicated teams of technical people. You no longer have to worry about what’s happening behind the scenes.

The Cloud takes the stress out of computing. It lets you use computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices to access all your business information – seamlessly, securely and in real time. Just log in and go, anytime and anywhere.

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When we have too much time spent as slaves to technology, our regular tasks become delayed and we begin mentally stacking them like boxes on a shelf. If we are not careful, we get to the point where we cannot see the back row of boxes.

FreshVu2Go will help everyone to spend more time working and less time waiting for technology to serve them. Schedules, logs and comments, alerts, time and stock assignments and departmental criteria can all be seen and absorbed to before their deadlines arrive, and the basic flow of human business can continue uninterrupted.


With its vast array of analytical reports, we can use FreshVu2Go to anticipate any challenges and while we may be forced to wait for stock at times, other projects can be shifted to and production can continue unabated.

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Successful strategic inventory management relies on tying creative and marketing plans to merchandising plans. Marketers and merchants need to develop company-wide planning calendars and projections for all promotions in all channels — catalog, online, e-mail, stores, space ads. Merchants and the inventory control group then plan product purchasing, availability, and receipts to support these events.

There are three aspects to this planning. First, the marketing department compiles and continually updates the marketing calendar. Second, the marketing team plans the expected orders by week for the promotions. Third, the inventory control and merchandising teams plan the demand in units for the promotions.

Often it is e-mail campaigns that trip up multi-channel merchants. The campaigns may appear on the marketing calendar, but all too frequently no one decides which items will be promoted until four to eight weeks before the actual date of the promotion. By then product has been ordered and may already have arrived in the distribution center. This lack of planning can cause contention between channels for best-sellers, leading to customer frustration and back-orders.

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Taking steps to expand your business’ client base, to provide better service, and to perform more efficiently requires sound planning and analysis of how your company has done in the past. Your approach will demand ever-modernizing steps to make your business memorable and unique, while at the same time your business structure must take advantage where it can.

A common approach towards standardizing your practices must incorporate the customer psychology that has been employed by sales departments since the mid-eighties, when Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Influence were applied for the first time. The six principles are:

Authority – People tend to obey authority figures, even if they are asked to perform something uncomfortable.

Commitment/Consistency – If people commit, at whatever level, to a concept or goal, they are more likely to honor that commitment because the concept or goal is congruent with how they view themselves.

Liking – People are more likely to buy an item if they like the person that is selling it to them.

Reciprocity – People tend to return favors, so free samples will psychologically prod them to purchase another item to make the result balance out.

Scarcity – offers that are available for a “limited time only” encourage sales.

Social Proof – – People will do things that they see other people doing, mostly because they wish to feel like they belong and that they prefer to appear ordinary rather than outstanding in any way.

Once you have taken the various steps to use influence to improve your business, your next need is to have a trustworthy set of tools to handle the sales you will subsequently make.

FreshVu2Go keeps your records safe in The Cloud while letting you access your inventory from anywhere and perform all of your accounting needs as your business thrives.

Check out FreshVu2Go today with a free trial here:

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If you are looking for an easy-to-use kitting (BOM) solution but also want the solution to be able to handle your complex kitting needs, look no further than FreshVu2Go.

With FreshVu2Go, you can configure complex kit schemas with kit within-kit capabilities to give you the ability to have a master kit (and many levels of sub-kits as components of that master). Always know the cost of the build including labor and waste while booking time with ease. You always know what is currently in the Build Queue and for whom it is being built. You can reorder components on-the-fly if you don’t have sufficient quantities to build the kit(s).

Any build you perform, whether one of an established series or a one-time build, FreshVu2Go can provide the tools you need.

FreshVu2Go also enables you to:

– Customized multiple RMA workflows for different return types and product lines

– Easily track items whether they are sold individually or as part of a kit

– Generate reports to track product issues and improve product quality

– Handle complex bills of materials with ease

– Improve productivity

– Manage and track product warranties

– Monitor at any moment the status of RMAs

– Reduce labor costs

– Streamline production processes

– Use Phantom Kitting to remind you of items that should be sold along with other items, so you never forget an important item again.

For more information on BOM/Kitting, visit the following page:

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One requirement of accurate accounting and inventory management is the knowledge of an item’s depreciation.

Calculation of depreciation makes it easier for you to rotate stock to full advantage and know which items bring the greatest returns. This detail of asset management is fully integrated into FreshVu2Go to suit your requirements while eliminating redundant data entry.

The information available through this module enables you to forecast next year’s depreciation expenses by employing FreshVu2Go, allowing the allocation of the depreciation for groups of assets – or individual assets – to more than one source of funding.

FreshVu2Go enables easy depreciation calculations, eliminates redundant data entry, and facilitates the forecasting of depreciation, as well as those items currently inside of BOMs sitting on shelves or pallets (that may need to be disassembled to gain access to a sudden need for the item).

Keep track, and get your items back, with FreshVu2Go!

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If you’re active in the following industries, FreshVu2Go can help you succeed and improve:

– Administrative Tasks & Services

– Aerospace

– Archival Tasks

– Apparel

– Automotive

– Books & Periodicals

– Computers & Technology

– Construction

– Consumer Electronics & Appliances

– Electronic Equipment

– Entertainment

– Equipment & Tools

– Food & Beverage Services

– Furniture & Home Improvement

– Gifts

– Governmental Protocols & Services

– Health & Personal Care

– Heavy Equipment

– Industrial Equipment

– Manufacturing

– Medical Procedures & Equipment

– Metal Fabrication

– Military Duties & Administration

– Office Supplies & Stationery

– Pet & Pet Supplies

– Public Service

– Retail Sales & Operations

– Sporting Goods

– Transportation

– Vehicle Purchasing & Maintenance

– Wholesale Distribution