Account Management (CRM)

The Best CRM Software, Packed With Features For Inventory Management

The best CRM software doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to use. Find all of your customer information within a single, easy to understand screen in FreshVu2Go. Utilizing our online CRM software, you can access a complete record of historical transactions, balances, credits, and sales documents on file, for any of your customers. FreshVu2Go also lets you quickly, and easily, schedule, manage tasks, activities and meetings related to a client.



Account management online is more than an electronic Rolodex™ linking to your contacts. The maintenance and accuracy of vendor and customer information is crucial to your invoicing, purchasing practices, revenue and expense history; as well as day-to-day planning.


gatewaysA key part of the sales process is having all relevant information at your fingertips. How much did you charge a client the last time you invoiced? What specs did you agree to in the sales meeting? With FreshVu2Go’s integrated document management function, you’ll have all the answers, every time. Make searches effortless and assign different levels of importance using images, photos and documents. Since FreshVu2Go works in the cloud, you’ll always have access to all relevant information about a client relationship, whenever and wherever you need it.

✔ Easily filter and search for customer and vendor information
✔ View receipts, quotes, invoices, and documents in one location
✔ Export and share information directly from account manager


FreshVu2Go’s safe and secure CRM software provides a 360-degree view of account details. The customer detail window provides an easy-to-use tab interface, so you can quickly link to your contact’s activities and transactions.

Better yet, schedule appointments, calls and meetings, as well as set reminders to track the arrival date of an upcoming PO, or other target. With our account manager, it’s easy to maintain business-to-business, as well as business-to-customer relationships.