About Us

I’d like to share a quick story about how we came to develop FreshVu2Go. In early 1997 we were using a number of different applications to help us manage our business, including accounting, inventory management, manufacturing lot control, and project management. This approach proved to be challenging and we were struggling with excessive complexity and a lack of integration and functionality. As a result, we were seeing a decline in productivity and business performance and also committing some costly errors, including not billing a client for a significant volume of work that we had completed.

This last incident flipped a switch, and led me to start a search for a solution that would provide a better way to manage our business. It quickly became obvious that one didn’t exist, so we decided to develop our own solution.

The road hasn’t been easy, but despite many challenges we carried on. Why? Simply because we believed in the product we were developing, loved our customers and collaborating with them, and we had discovered a passion for providing a product that we could be truly proud of.

This commitment has led to considerable success, with over 1 million people from all corners of the globe having used our software to manage their inventory, projects, purchases, sales, time management and much more. Whether it’s a small business, a huge Fortune 500 company, a military or government organisation, we help them improve their business management. The loyal customer base we have built up is something we are incredibly proud of and thankful for, and is one of the key reasons we are particularly excited to announce the latest developments for FreshVu2Go.