FreshVu2Go Transaction Status At-A-Glance

Helping our customers check their transactions and receive instant status information has always been one of our goals at FreshVu2Go. We’re always looking for ways to help simplify things, make FreshVu2Go more efficient, and reduce the effort required to get tasks done.

We’re staying focused on delivering smaller updates to improve important workflows and make things easier for you. New features like Transaction Status Legends can help your efficiency when working with your vendors and customers.

That’s what this release is all about.

Transaction Status is now immediate

If you’re doing a lot of buying and selling, your ability to check on the status of transactions helps you save time and then decide on what the next step is and how soon to take it.

When looking at your sales documents – quotes, sales orders and invoices – you can now see their current status instantly on a single screen with FreshVu23Go. Before you had to open the sales documents to see what steps were complete and which steps were yet to be processed. Now, you only need to look in one place.

Select the transaction screen, and simply view the current statuses in the Status column and you’ll instantly know which ones are at which step of their overall process.

For instance, on the Invoice screen, you can see the following:

For explanations of the statuses listed, the Status Legend now appears beneath every transaction list, as follows:


FreshVu2Go also includes the statuses and the legends for all of your purchase screens as well, from purchase orders to receipts of goods. Further, the legends for other features and modules – such as Item Transfers and Maintenance Pro – provide you with instant, simple explanations so that you can keep doing business with all the information you need on-the-spot, immediately.

And as you process your transactions, their statuses are updated immediately for the reference of all users of FreshVu2Go – it’s yet another improvement for speed and ease we’ve built into the design.