Keep Your Rental Fleet Organized

As a fleet owner, you’re faced with many challenges. You’re expected to coordinate staff, repairs, rentals, and returns each and every day. Operating a fleet is a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be as time-consuming as you expect it to be. Managing even a small fleet can be a challenge when you’re operating on an outdated management method. With a little help from FreshVu2Go, you can streamline your fleet management process.

smallerphotoblog1Papers are Part of the Past

With the rise of technology, many basic business practices have been simplified. Gone are the days of needing a room full of filing cabinets just to keep track of all the maintenance records for your fleet, let alone rental contracts, scheduling needs, and delivery terms. However, many managers are finding the digital storage solution to be just as cluttered and confusing. That’s where we come in. Our cloud-based fleet management software helps you keep track of your entire operation in one convenient platform. No need to clog your hard drive with ancient files that only slow down your computer. Our system organizes your files so you’ll always be able to find what you need when you need it, without taking up valuable storage room on your PC.


Understand the Costs

As a fleet manager, you need to know where your money is going on each vehicle so you can make the right decisions regarding the future of your fleet’s vehicles. Our inventory management software keeps track of your expenses, maintenance costs, fuel expenditures, and any incidental overhead costs. Rather than keeping track of all of your paper receipts, you’ll be able to enter the information into our software and make sure everything is properly calculated and monitored every step of the way. Save yourself the hassle of crunching the numbers at the end of each week. You’ll have an accurate idea of what’s happening with your fleet at all times without having to spend hours hunched over an adding machine.


Never Miss a Service Appointment

When you trust FreshVu2Go, you’ll always know when the manufacturer-recommended service appointments are coming up for every vehicle in your fleet. Simply set the parameters for each vehicle and let our system do the rest. You can even set notifications as each vehicle approaches the right mileage.

Lower Your Costs

Traditional record-keeping requires a lot of manual labor. In addition to data entry, your employees have to spend time writing out reports, ensuring those reports get filed in the right location, and making sure each driver logs accurate mileage at the end of each trip. A lot can get lost in translation. Our inventory management system makes it easy for your drivers to enter accurate report data on the go. Our software works anywhere there’s an internet connection, so your drivers out in the field can keep you updated at all times.

All fleets can benefit from a high-quality fleet management system, whether your business utilizes two vans or manages hundreds of vehicles. Let FreshVu2Go show you how easy it can be. Contact us today to discuss your fleet’s needs and get started simplifying your business!