FreshVu2Go For Managing Inventory, Streamlining Your Receivables


MS Word and MS Excel make these processes difficult:

  • Accepting payments
  • Automating recurring invoices and credit card charges
  • Formatting invoices
  • Generating reports
  • Getting a snapshot of who owes you what
  • Searching for invoices
  • Sending invoices
  • Updating records once payments come in
  • Managing inventory

When you cobble all these things together, each one is a real pain with Excel and/or Word.  If you already use a solution that handles them usefully, it takes the pain out of your accounting process and saves you time. But from any invoices created with Excel or Word, you cannot tell the balance of an invoice or who it was for, what items were included or what the outstanding balance might be.

Receivables management needs to be more comprehensive than what Excel and Word can provide, with FreshVu2Go, it is. Anything else just costs you time and money.