Stock Item Management with FreshVu2Go


At its core, FreshVu2Go uses a central database for all your stock information. Its cloud-based mastery of inventory management includes, amongst many others, the following features:

– Allocate Stock to Multiple Warehouses and Locations

– Assign Category and Sub-Categories

– Automated Stock Reordering

– Automatic Item Numbering

– Customizable Item Fields

– Different Item Units

– Export Inventory

– Import Inventory

– Item Groups

– Item Images

– Item Tracking (for serial numbers, etc)

– Minimum and Reorder Levels

– Quick Stock Find

– Receive Stock

– Reduce Stock Levels

– Stock Counts

– Transfer Stock Between Locations

Your accounting/inventory requirements demand that you take the best and safest steps toward a solution for your business that is secure, fluid and comprehensive. FreshVu2Go will allow you to take complete charge of your company and its stock, its sales and profit margins, with ease and precision. Gain the advantage you seek in your industry today by giving FreshVu2Go a try.