What is SAAS?

Join Us In the Lead with FreshVu2Go

Software As A Service (SAAS) feedback driven software development helps you avoid what all the clunky and cumbersome software packages were not able to: hundreds of features that by their very inclusion make every step of every task detailed, multi-leveled and irritating. With FreshVu2Go, you open it with a task in mind, such as creating an invoice. Open the New Invoice, add the items and their quantities, then save and send it.

Direct feedback from our users helps us to prioritize what new features they need, all of which are added with no effect on the ease or speed of the software. Add to this that you can connect to the software from anywhere you can achieve an Internet connection and that your data is secure in the speedy and reliable world of The Cloud and you have a winning choice regarding your inventory and accounting needs.

In today’s application market, SAAS leads the way and FreshVu2Go leads in its development and deployment of SAAS. Contact us today here.