Inventory Management with FreshVu2Go

Managing Your Inventory Online

Managing your inventory is one of the most critical tasks any company faces, whether you’re a small business or a large multinational. FreshVu2Go’s industry-leading online inventory management software simplifies even the most complex inventory management processes to optimize the performance of your business. With secure and accurate tracking and reporting, FreshVu2Go puts you in control of your inventory and your business. Tell us that’s not music to your ears!

Apparel Management

If you’re in the apparel business, you know there are endless combinations of style, colour, size and price – and that keeping track of them all can be a challenge! FreshVu2Go’s online inventory management software makes your life easier with customizable sales and purchasing documents that reflect the combinations you assign them. With your inventory in order, you’ll be a star with customers and suppliers alike!

Expiration Date Tracking

Most stock has a limited shelf life, whether it goes bad or goes out of style. FreshVu2Go’s web-based inventory management software lets you know when your stock is nearing its expiry, so that you can take appropriate action and avoid stock write-offs and losses. And with this information available online for all your staff to see, there can be a coordinated effort to move stock at the right time. Now if we could just do the same for our office refrigerator…

Item Categories

You know it and we know it: Everyone loves an appropriately categorized stock item – truly one of the keys to good inventory management. With FreshVu2Go’s customizable and intuitive category naming options, you have the power to take your inventory management to the next level of accuracy and effectiveness!

Item Disassembly

Complex stock items can often be broken down into their component parts, which leads to a whole lot of complexity when you’re trying to track the item! FreshVu2Go’s online inventory management software includes an option to track unique component parts of a given item, so that you know what’s been removed for component resale, repair or replacement and the costs and depreciation involved. This also enables you to sell a part separately, while keeping track of the reduced value of the original item.


Item Management

What are you looking for in your item management software? If it’s ease of use, accuracy, and a range of dynamic features like tracking where your specific items are at any given time, lot control, location/warehouse management and serial number management, then FreshVu2Go’s inventory management solution is the one for you! All of these features are integrated for use with a data collector, iPad, tablet, or wireless laptop anywhere within your stockroom, giving you increased accuracy and speed – and complete control.

Inventory Software | FreshVu2Go
Item transfers

It’s here, it’s there – it’s everywhere! Your inventory moves around, and you need the flexibility to track these movements and assign new locations to stock as it gets shifted. FreshVu2Go delivers on this need by enabling fast and efficient item transfers that provide you with the control you need when moving stock items from one location to another.

Inventory Software | FreshVu2Go
Location Management

Whether you’re a small business with just one or two locations, or a multinational with warehouses around the world, you need to manage the location of your inventory. With FreshVu2Go’s web-based inventory management software, you can establish as many item locations as you need at any time, giving you tracking control and management accuracy over the movements of tools, equipment and inventory from location to location – including to such locations as variable as supply vans, a salesman’s car, or delivery vehicles. We put all the information in front of you, whenever and wherever you need it.

Inventory Software | FreshVu2Go
Lot Number Management

With FreshVu2Go you’ll enjoy the benefits of lot tracking information for both stocked parts or parts already issued to customers (which is useful for warranties and recall tracking!). Track items by lot data to discover where they were used from the moment of their receipt through every single stage of production. You can customize this process by designating a list of attributes that can be collected and tracked for each lot, and monitor each lot’s history within the system with complete accuracy. Since FreshVu2Go works in the cloud, you can access this information wherever you are. That’s power at your fingertips!

Inventory Software | FreshVu2Go
Materials Requisition

Take the hassle and complexity out of materials requisition with FreshVu2Go. You can process a Materials Requisition from one department and fill it from another with a single keystroke, all while producing an instant accounting audit trail to monitor the progress of the stock. Fast, simple and effective – just the way you like it!

Inventory Software | FreshVu2Go
Physical Counts / Stock Adjustments

With FreshVu2Go’s online inventory management software, you can conduct and fine-tune your physical inventory counts to maximize accuracy and efficiency.

FreshVu2Go seamlessly integrates with your data collector, iPad, tablet, or other device to help your stock-counters improve their efficiency and speed by scanning barcodes on the spot, instead of hand-writing quantity details on a clipboard. FreshVu2Go also highlights count discrepancies and more effectively manages re-counts, so that you can rest assured you have the most accurate stock data possible.

Inventory Software | FreshVu2Go
Serial Number Management

Give your warehouse personnel full access to a complete catalog of historical data with FreshVu2Go’s web-based inventory management software. They can go mobile and still have access to all the information they require as they move around your warehouse. Serialized Number Tracking in FreshVu2Go enables you to manage a vast number of unlimited combinations of serial numbers from their receipt to their issue. And you’ll never lose track of an item as everything is logged in the system as part of a permanent record.

Inventory Software | FreshVu2Go
Stock View

With FreshVu2Go you can view your current inventory status from anywhere in the world, whenever you want. That’s the beauty of web-based inventory management software – you’re always in charge! You can use the information at your fingertips to support decision-making such as when to make a purchase to optimize your stock levels and take advantage of business opportunities as they arise.