FreshVu2Go’s Maintenance Management SaaS

FreshVu2Go’s Maintenance Pro SaaS (software as a service) feature helps managers, maintenance teams and mechanics assign and schedule tasks. Easily track work performed and experience the freedom of knowing you’re up to industry standards:
✔ Experience less work disruptions due to emergency repairs on equipment, vehicles and buildings
✔ Improve progress of teams and technicians specifically on completion of tasks and time spent
✔ Approve scheduling and delivery of work to ensure uniform labor distribution
✔ Make progress by recording problems and tracing solutions via logged history
✔ Have an effect on cost control and savings by avoiding last minute emergency decisions
✔ Enable managers to analyze and evaluate expenses of energy usage, labor and maintenance


Tracking materials and items, such as spare parts, consumables and stock supplies, must be organized and well managed. Tracking inventory becomes easy when automated through FreshVu2Go’s Maintenance Pro feature. Companies save money and time with the ability to stock just the right amount of inventory and assign inventory to any location or team.


Use the Maintenance Schedule feature to schedule preventive maintenance in advance. This is particularly important for recurring work and sending reminders to the right people. Scheduled maintenance planning helps teams with distribution of workload and guarantees that tasks are not forgotten.


Maintenance teams often have to take a work-request from people outside of the organization or department. This could be a request from someone like an assembly line operator, or a tenant who is requesting heating system repairs. Maintenance Pro connects various channels of contact into a central place, recording requests and tracking completion.


Manage the complete cycle of maintenance in one software package: from identifying the repairs needed, placing the order, and finally assigning the task to specific team or technician. The process is culminated by marking the work-order as complete, before concluding the cycle by notifying appropriate individuals.


The lifespan of a facility, structure, or a piece of equipment can reach beyond 30 years. This involves managing and documenting maintenance over a long history of repairs. Proper documentation and recording can help teams avoid mistakes and save companies money in the long run. Technicians also save time by relying on past records to solve problems.


When it comes to audits, government regulations and inspections, you’ll sleep better knowing that every task and maintenance request is recorded and stored safely in the cloud. This makes for ease of application for certification and preventing unwarranted legal action. By using an automated, safe and secure maintenance management system, you are in control of the smooth and safe operation of your business.


We offer FreshVu2Go’s Maintenance Pro feature through a secure SSL encryption protected cloud. All you need is an internet connection and you’re able to operate your business from a desktop, laptop or tablet. There are several advantages to this option: ✔ You will have full access to the FreshVu2Go server. If you’re desktop shuts down, you will simply need to access a portable device with internet connectivity to access your records.
✔ You have complete privacy of data and the benefit of full security features.
✔ You never will have to worry about hiring an IT specialist to perform updates or repairs on the server.
✔ Your software will never go out of date, and you will always have access to the latest features and updates.
✔ FreshVu2Go cloud based software is SaaS.


All industries need some kind of maintenance. Some rely heavily on maintenance to perform services, while others have very little equipment they need to monitor. Maintenance Pro helps industries like production companies, facility and building investors, fleet and vehicle companies, and organizations that manage roadways and public structures:
✔ PRODUCTION: machines, assembly lines, forklifts and heavy equipment.
✔ WAREHOUSES AND BUILDINGS: apartments, government facilities, leased buildings and warehouses.
✔ FLEET VEHICLES: transportation vehicles, delivery vehicles, service vehicles, ships and long haul trucks.
✔ LINEAR ASSETS: roads, rails, pipelines, and electricity transmission lines.


Many businesses still rely on Excel spreadsheets to track and maintain assets. Have you grown beyond your current, cumbersome methods? Are you wasting precious time and resources attempting to track repairs? Use Maintenance Pro and:
✔ Spend less time tracking down work orders and historical repairs.
✔ Cut down on paperwork and save time by automating maintenance management.
✔ Submit real-time figures and reports with the click of a mouse.
✔ Instantly update data and manage information.
✔ View figures, maintenance histories and repairs at a glance.
✔ Present up-to-date data to insurance companies, legal firms and certification associations.