Benefits of Online Management

Experience the Benefits of Online Accounting and Inventory Management

Our new web-based accounting and inventory management solution puts you in control wherever you are, with mobile access to the information and tools you need to manage your business. The intuitive interface helps you work quickly and efficiently while our team of experts works behind the scenes to maintain your servers, back up data and ensure security. Starting to sound pretty good, don’t you think? All you need is internet access and a web browser and you’re ready to benefit from everything that FreshVu2Go has to offer!

Business Management Made Easy

With simple yet powerful tools and intuitive functionality, FreshVu2Go is truly easy to use, so you spend less time looking for answers and more time running your business. And for the answers you can’t find, help is just a quick phone call away.

Go Mobile

Stay on top of your business wherever you are, with FreshVu2Go’s secure access via iPad, laptop and tablet. FreshVu2Go gives you a complete view of your business whether you’re in the office, visiting a customer or out on the golf course (fore!).

Time-Saving Solutions

FreshVu2Go puts time on your side with quick and effective online item management, invoicing and expense tracking software to get you organised and on schedule.

Process payments with ease

With FreshVu2Go, you’re always open for business. Integration with a wide range of payment gateways ensures you can make and receive payments anytime, anywhere.