Materials Requisitions with FreshVu2Go

Take the hassle and complexity out of materials requisition with FreshVu2Go.

Create and approve material requisition requests from your re-sellers, distributors, departments, or sister companies with ease. Manage inventory costs, and simplify the distribution of direct and indirect materials. Begin a materials requisition from one company or department and complete it from another, all with a single keystroke; while producing an instant accounting audit trail to monitor the progress of materials. Fast, simple and effective. Just the way you like it!
✔ Experience real time requisition entries
✔ Improve communication between buyers and suppliers
✔ Fulfill material requisition alerts for different departments ✔ Increase efficiency and item transparency between multiple companies.


The entire requisition cycle is automated,including direct and indirect costs applied to labor and materials. Obtain item requisition requests and approve requisitions, while generating purchase orders in one company and sales orders in the other. When the items are issued, or invoiced, the receipt of goods is automatically generated in the ordering company, closing the loop and providing a seamless paper trail. A well-integrated and maintained requisition system allows companies to achieve unparalleled efficiency and cost savings by controlling the way materials are managed between several companies while providing easy access to key products by monitoring interactions with those providers to assure the best pricing is achieved for all material requests.


FreshVu2Go organizes how your departments and teams participate in the requisition process. Authorize and monitor tasks and teams to ensure the right people are alerted when they need to deliver orders, fulfill assignment prompts and maximize margins.


Eliminate paperwork by digitally completing all steps of the materials requisition process. The requesting company can view the available inventory, along with cost and item details from a distributor’s request materials. Once the requisition is approved, the system automatically generates a sales order and purchase order to fulfill your requisition request. Once the requisition is fulfilled by the distributor (Source Company), an invoice is generated on the distributor side and a receipt of goods is also auto generated on the requester’s side. Finishing the seamless, efficient and painless process with sent email alerts. Did we mention that you also saved a few trees!


The requisition module integrates with purchasing, order management, inventory management and all financial modules to automate all processes, eliminate duplicate data entry and properly account for all transactions. Once you approve a requisition, FreshVu2Go automatically creates a purchase order that can be tracked within the purchase order management module on the requester’s system. On the distributor’s system a sales order is auto generated and can be tracked within the sales management module closing the loop. Approving requisitions has never been easier!


The Requisition Management Module provides a complete audit-trail of all transactions. The system keeps the details of all transactions, including the user who entered the transaction, the user who approved the transaction, and the user who modified the record. The auditing process is simplified by having notes, as well as supporting electronic documents attached directly to transactions.