Going Mobile!

ipad friendly inventory software | FreshVu2Go

It’s Time to Go Mobile

In today’s on-demand world, customers expect you to be respond to their needs at a moment’s notice. FreshVu2Go’s online business management software gives you access to every aspect of your business from your iPad, laptop or tablet, whether you’re out visiting clients, at a business lunch, or working from home for the day. Now that’s a powerful and convenient tool to have on your side!

With FreshVu2Go you can:

  • Check in on your business no matter where you are
  • Track hours with the FreshVu2Go Project Management Timer that runs in the background while you’re out on business
  • Capture expenses with ease. Simply take a picture of the bill (think business lunch!) and log it into the system.
  • Send an invoice quickly and easily: Seal the deal at a client’s office, send the bill while you’re there, and get paid by the time you’re home!