Time and Attendance

time-attendanceDo you remember roll call at school? Well, we’ve developed something similar for your business. FreshVu2Go’s online time and attendance tracking software enhances your staff management with more detailed logging of staff activities, including the ability to enter specific comments related to each task. This additional level of detail allows you to minimize compliance risk and demonstrate adherence to regulations.

✔ Reduce administrative time associated with timesheets

✔ Increase payroll accuracy and automate routine processes

✔ Recognize and address attendance matters before they’re problem

✔ Calculate billable hours with one easy action of the click of a button


Our online time and attendance feature allows users to log in and track attendance from anywhere, at any time. If you’re on a job site calculating materials and hours for a quote, that’s billable hours you can attach to a project in time and attendance. Trade shows and business luncheons can be assigned to a specific activity in time and attendance. Use time and attendance as a time tracking option for staff in an office or on the warehouse floor. We help you track time so you can increase your bottom line and accounting trail.


Track and log time and attendance on the go, so you never lose a billable minute. FreshVu2Go’s online time and attendance tracking module supports all phases of a project by providing detailed information and documentation on time and labor. Improve staff management by attaching logged hours by staff with specifics jobs in the project management module. You can also add notes to each project entry.


We think the right tool can make a big difference and helps avoid unnecessary overruns and nasty surprises during the life cycle of a job. While you may find many online time and attendance tools on the web, we go beyond the basics by offering integration of our time and attendance module with our project management feature.