Customer Portal in FreshVu2Go

In FreshVu2Go you can enable a client to view, approve and decline quotes, as well as view their sales orders, invoices and consignment orders in the Customer Portal feature.

Clients will be able to see anything related to their own accounts and a history of transactions that have been performed.

It’s really easy to set up. All it takes is four steps:
One – from the clients contact information page, check the quote approval box;
Two – enable the customer portal;

Three – fill in email information; and,

Four – create your clients password.

Once saved, the system will send the password to the client and then they’re good to go.

What will my Clients see in the Customer Portal?

When a client logs in, they’ll be able to see any transactions associated with their account, including invoice details, sales order details, quotes and account statements.

The Customer Portal provides seamless integration with all related transactions in FreshVu2go, so any project, sale, or consignment transaction performed by a user in FreshVu2Go is visible in the customer portal in real-time.

Can clients approve Quotes from the Customer Portal?

We work hard to reduce the steps it takes for you to move forward with a client. That’s why we designed the quote approval feature. This is especially useful for ongoing accounts, as well as new accounts.

When a client’s in the Customer Portal, they’ll see quote activity under Recent Activity, including quotes that are received, approved, or declined. When your client clicks on the quote activity, a new window will open, showing the details of the quote.

If the sent quote is being opened for the first time, they’ll have the option to approve or decline the quote. 

What information will Consignment Clients see?

Like all enabled customers in the Customer Portal, consignees will be able to see invoices, sales orders and recent activities.

Additionally, they’ll be able to see related information on consignment activities, such as date and status search fields for consigned goods. But, that’s not all. Consignees will also be able to invoice items sold and receive an email with the invoiced information.

We’re always working in the background, striving to make FreshVu2Go a great experience.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think!

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