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In FreshVu2Go you can enable a client to view, approve and decline quotes, as well as view their sales orders, invoices and consignment orders in the Customer Portal feature.

Clients will be able to see anything related to their own accounts and a history of transactions that have been performed.

It’s really easy to set up. All it takes is four steps:
One – from the clients contact information page, check the quote approval box;
Two – enable the customer portal;

Three – fill in email information; and,

Four – create your clients password.

Once saved, the system will send the password to the client and then they’re good to go.

What will my Clients see in the Customer Portal?

When a client logs in, they’ll be able to see any transactions associated with their account, including invoice details, sales order details, quotes and account statements.

The Customer Portal provides seamless integration with all related transactions in FreshVu2go, so any project, sale, or consignment transaction performed by a user in FreshVu2Go is visible in the customer portal in real-time.

Can clients approve Quotes from the Customer Portal?

We work hard to reduce the steps it takes for you to move forward with a client. That’s why we designed the quote approval feature. This is especially useful for ongoing accounts, as well as new accounts.

When a client’s in the Customer Portal, they’ll see quote activity under Recent Activity, including quotes that are received, approved, or declined. When your client clicks on the quote activity, a new window will open, showing the details of the quote.

If the sent quote is being opened for the first time, they’ll have the option to approve or decline the quote. 

What information will Consignment Clients see?

Like all enabled customers in the Customer Portal, consignees will be able to see invoices, sales orders and recent activities.

Additionally, they’ll be able to see related information on consignment activities, such as date and status search fields for consigned goods. But, that’s not all. Consignees will also be able to invoice items sold and receive an email with the invoiced information.

We’re always working in the background, striving to make FreshVu2Go a great experience.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think!

You can give FreshVu2Go a try here.

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FreshVu2Go is the best cloud-based inventory and accounting software available in the world today. It has been tested, used, and re-tested by experts in their respective fields, businesses that run the gamut of commercial and service enterprise. FreshVu2Go enables you to:

  • Access up-to-date average purchase costs, stock values and levels, and the amount of your stock reserved for transactions.
  • Check anytime on the performance of your products and services, examine your profit margins by item, and then employ the information to make bold decisions on pricing and ordering.
  • Create quotes, purchase orders and invoices with speed and accuracy for the things you buy and sell.
  • Import large numbers of stock items quickly to get your inventory where it needs to be.
  • Minimize mistakes and data entry to manage how much of your inventory is on-hand while you’re doing business on-the-fly.
  • Visualize your stock items and keep your reports flowing with vital information so that you can spend more time doing business than you do recording it.

FreshVu2Go puts you in charge of all facets of your company to enable you to compete and to win!

Try today here: http://freshvu2go.comfreshvu2go_anywhere

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Software As A Service (SAAS) feedback driven software development helps you avoid what all the clunky and cumbersome software packages were not able to hundreds of features that by their very inclusion make every step of every task detailed, multi-leveled and irritating. With FreshVu2Go, you open it with a task in mind, such as creating an invoice. Open the New Invoice, add the items and their quantities, then save and send it.

Direct feedback from our users helps us to prioritize what new features they need, all of which are added with no effect on the ease or speed of the software. Add to this that you can connect to the online software from anywhere you can achieve an Internet connection and that your data is secure in the speedy and reliable world of The Cloud and you have a winning choice regarding your inventory and accounting needs.

In today’s application market, SAAS leads the way and FreshVu2Go leads in its development and deployment of SAAS.

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In modern businesses, the advantages of a Point-of-Sale (POS) system have become obvious. Here are just some of many benefits for your company:

  • – Conduct overall inventory management using POS, which is beyond most old cash register systems.
  • – Create your own purchase orders, thus eliminating an extra step in your ordering process.
  • – Easily look up past transactions.
  • – Eliminate user errors.
  • – Modern workers are more comfortable with point of sale devices than cash registers.
  • – Produce more informative itemized receipts.
  • – Provide faster service than with old fashioned cash registers.
  • – See your inventory in real time, which is something that even the best cash registers simply can’t handle.
  • – Simplify the accounting process with a POS.
  • – The maintenance and repair costs are much lower on a point of sale device than a cash register.

It is obvious why your company should consider ditching the old fashioned cash register in favor of a state of the art point of sale device. Such devices can lower the cost of doing business while increasing productivity, and that’s always good for your bottom line.

FreshVu2Go’s POS is on the horizon. Why not be amongst those who have already chosen to “Go Fresh”? Try it here.

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With any good cloud-based accounting system, you will look for the best combination of the following features:

  • Link existing accounts such as banks, credit cards, Paypal, eBay, your own Web store
  • Categorize income and expenses specifically for tax reporting
  • Connect to online bank accounts and credit cards
  • Download your new data each day
  • Employ simple dashboards and options
  • Enjoy secure, double-entry accounting for bank reconciliation and financial statements
  • Generate professional invoices
  • Import your existing transaction history
  • Keep track of sales and finances in one place
  • Organize all of your data into tax categories
  • See where money is going
  • See who your customers are
  • View profit/loss statements

These qualities are found in any good cloud-based accounting system. FreshVu2Go is the finest online inventory management software available. Please contact us for pricing and package details.

Give FreshVu2Go a try here.

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FreshVu2Go helps you manage your company and your sales from anywhere at anytime.

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It is important to keep in mind that each managerial decision has its pros and cons. Sometimes, writers will convince you that divisional or matrix structure are the recent trends and that you need to re-engineer your structure tomorrow morning. obviously, this is not true. Many organizations still has functional structure and is doing very well. It is very important to select the structure that best service your condition. What is your strategy? How many products do you have? What type of technology are you using? How big is your company/organization?

Management should take necessary actions to decrease the disadvantages of the chosen structure and to enhance its the positive effects. For example, if we think the divisional structure is the best type for our condition then we should have tools to exchange knowledge between engineers working in different divisions. These tools can include forums on the LAN and conferences to exchange knowledge. Conversely, if we adopt functional structure, we can form teams from different functions to solve problems and develop our products.

Management should not think they are going to double their profits because they adopted flat structure (less number of management layers). If this structure re-engineering is not part of a certain strategy, it will not work. For example, if we adopt flat structure and then transfer the authorities of the middle management to the top management then we are increasing centralization and decreasing our flexibility. Similarly, if we adopt functional structure and allow for the duplication of resources, then we will get the disadvantages of the functional structure and will lose one of its main advantages which is economies of scale.

Whatever structure you have, the results are the most important. The results are not your perception that you are the best. Measure yourself compared with similar companies. Do you need one week to take a decision that they make in one hour? Are your employees motivated more than those in other companies? Are you developing new products and services faster than other companies? Are you achieving your main strategy?

FreshVu2Go helps you achieve your management goals. Give it a try today here!

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It’s a perfect match with Braintree and FreshVu2Go. Give it a try today!

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