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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Batch Picking is the order picking method where orders are grouped into small batches, an order picker will pick all orders within the batch in one pass. Batch picking is usually associated with pickers with multi-tiered picking carts moving up and down aisles picking batches of usually 4 to 12 orders. However, batch picking is also very common when working with automated material handling equipment like carousels.

Wave Picking is a variation on zone picking where rather than orders moving from one zone to the next for picking, all zones are picked at the same time and the items are later confirmed and amalgamated into separate orders and shipments. Wave picking is the fastest method for picking multi-item orders. However, the confirmation and amalgamation process can be tricky. Picking waves are often intended to isolate shipments to particular carriers, routes, etc. A more basic example of wave picking would simply be as the method where a group of orders is released to the warehouse for picking and the next group (wave) is not released until the first wave has been processed through the pick area.

Lastly, Zone Picking is the order picking method where the a warehouse is divided into several pick zones and order pickers are assigned to a specific zone and only pick the items in that zone, while orders are moved from one zone to the next (usually on conveyor systems) as they are picked. This method is also referred to as “pick-and-pass”.

Utilize the following principles no matter which picking style you choose to use:

– Always replenish to 100% levels

– Eliminate “pick and pass” style picking

– Employ ABC item analysis

– Handle items once only

– Reduce amounts of walking

– Support the system at all levels of the company

– Upgrade your training and quality for all employees

– Verify on-the-fly

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A wide variety of training is available these days for those who wish to specialize in inventory management practices. The concepts that may seem very mathematical at first all support the ideas of supply-and-demand as well as incorporating the concept of the warehouse or storeroom as an evolving entity.

As for managers or owners selecting an employee to take on the task, it should be mentioned that qualified individuals can be hired with their training already in place, who come in and establish all the best practices after their analysis of the conditions that exist. No matter the source of your “Stock Master”, never just choose the person who is willing to do it. If you choose the option to promote from within, give the inventory tasks to several within your organization and you’ll soon discover which person has the natural talent. The ones with ideas for improvement and the ability to both voice and implement the ideas are a valued asset to your company. Don’t waste people where they will not excel — put the best people into every department if you truly wish to succeed. Once in place, your Stock Master must be introduced to your staff as that department head, and must be given an important place on an identical level with the others.

Companies that compete in the modern marketplace cannot have any aspects of their inventory management be considered — or actually be — vague or imprecise. The task of stock coordination must fall to someone who is prepared to do it and make sure that others observe the established in-house rules for its management. Most of inventory planning is merely the application of common sense and accurate arithmetic, and these responsibilities must be assigned to a specific individual who will take the duties seriously. Whomever the person is, they can literally be the savior of your bottom line.

For the best inventory management, FreshVu2Go will serve perfectly as the tool the master needs.

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The application selection and development is a key step in the IT supply chain. Because IT applications can be integrated, layered, distributed, modularized, and customized in many ways, it is appropriate to first look at the basic building blocks of an application. From the perspective of a value capture in the business use and operations stages these blocks are master data, transactions, procedures or methods, messages, and processes:

– A transaction is an action that produces a result. For example, order entry is the transaction that produces an order, and a query is a transaction to produce a report.

– Master data in IT applications defines the different entities involved in the business. Customers, products, suppliers, employees, warehouses, order types and terms of payment are all described using master data. The purpose of master data is to effectively organize information that is needed often (e.g., the delivery addresses of customers, and occasional changes to those addresses).

– Messages are a practical way to link transactions. For example, an order message can be used to link the purchase transaction of your customer with your order entry transaction.

– Procedures or methods are used in transactions to get the desired result. For example, pricing is the method used to make sure that the customer order has the right price.

– Processes, or work flows, in IT applications link all the transactions needed to produce a business result.

To get the right product to the right customer, an application may have an order-to-delivery process linking order entry, shipping, and invoicing. Technology providers often talk in terms of modules and functionality, but it is more practical to think of a module as an application that performs a set of processes and transactions. Because the trend is toward more open solutions, it is important to avoid confusing individual IT applications with the business solution.

— William J. Hoover, Jr.

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Quite often a business offers significant discounts if the stock counts are up and sales are low. New car dealerships are an example of this as manufacturers release the next year’s models before the current vehicles on the lot have been sold. Similarly, furniture companies might offer ‘stock reduction sales’ to reduce stock on-hand to make room for newer goods.

However, a large number of companies settle for carrying a bare minimum of inventory on-hand to meet their current orders. With a large number of items occupying the warehouse, the bottom line of the company can be detrimentally affected by making the company look less appealing to possible investors and potential customers. The revenue at month’s end will also be cramped by the lack of conversion of stock-into-capital, the very purpose for being in business.

Ultimately, when it comes to their assets, companies need complete data for the full life cycle of their business, from their acquisition through their issue. There are many standard depreciation methods, and reports are needed for each type you may want to use. All decision-making tools must be integrated into your accounting model so that when you generate your monthly or quarterly inventory the information is both precise and up-to-date. Modern, sophisticated companies require the most up-to-date, robust and versatile software packages to keep them competing at the highest level.

FreshVu2Go is a feature-rich inventory and accounting package, as current as The Cloud, as complete as you will ever see. It’s affordable, easy-to-use and comprehensive. It is the very model of its kind available in the world today.

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FreshVu2Go inventory and accounting software empowers you with multiple branch management and feature-rich inventory replenishment methods. You gain the tools to reduce your excessive or older stock, improve your cash flow, lower your carrying costs, and improve your customer service levels.

FreshVu2Go maintains the data on your stock changes, thus promoting accuracy while you make sales and purchasing decisions. Your tracking of locations/containers/vessels improves immediately, and your cycle counting, vendor returns, and stock transfers have never been better.

Your business can be done on-the-fly, scanning and entering, processing orders, refilling stock from your vendors, and most importantly, satisfying your customers’ needs. The data that matters most to you is available from a suite of comprehensive reports so that you’re always up-to-date while your business day continues. The system welcomes multiple users in a network environment. The costly and complex functions of your business enterprise are made easy and quick to maintain and to improve.

The secure and versatile cloud-based business world we know today will only become more efficient and standardized as time goes by and in that moving current, the software you use for your commercial, inventory and accounting must have the ability to grow and change as The Cloud does. FreshVu2Go is designed for business people by programmers and developers who understand business and the needs of its many clients – improvements occur regularly and our clients are the better for it because they have found that rarest and very best development in their software experience: an application that grows and changes as they grow and change.

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Work tracking is easy when using barcodes. Managers can conduct improvements to optimize your business on the track towards the greatest success available to you at the present moment. Scanning barcodes on forms make for easy and accurate data exchange among all departments of your business, which leads automatically to a more fluid and efficient service to your customers. Barcodes also make the entry, tracking and selection of stock precise, eliminating most of the waiting and worry inherent to transactions. Your time and focus can be better used on other facets of your business.

Using barcodes on items, locations, employee ID badges, work tracking and warehousing only lead to speed and efficiency. Receipt, transferral, and sales of goods from a central hub to or from anywhere within the system keep projects and transactions at the center of your control until they are completed. Barcoding also makes taking inventory and adjusting stock to their accurate counts as quick as a wink, conducted while on your feet and moving about your warehouse or stockroom; a single batch session can set your number right with just a few scans and clicks.

Barcoding increases accuracy and decreases costs – simultaneously.

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