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FreshVu2Go’s Accounting features help your company replace a stand-alone accounting program with a comprehensive Business Management Solution.

If your business is a medium- to large-sized with 10 to 1,000+ employees. Its advanced financial management functions as the core of its entire collection of features. Advanced allocations and banking and budgeting, currency trader management, fixed asset and cash management capabilities. It’s all you’ll need for accounting – and more.

Features included are:

  • Accounts Payable: The Accounts Payable features provide a comprehensive solution for managing expenditures.
  • Accounts Receivable: The Accounts Receivable features track receivables, plan cash flow and provide extensive information and reporting features to give you vital business insights to plan for the future.
  • Banking: You can edit and add credit card and bank accounts, and easily enter deposits, transfer funds, enter cash, cheque or credit card transactions as well as reconciling cash and credit cards via bank reconciliation.
  • Budgets: Maintain and enforce budgets with ease and transfer budget amounts from one account to another.
  • Financial Reporting: There are virtually unlimited financial reporting capabilities.
  • Sales Commissions: Calculating sales commissions due has never been easier. With FreshVu2Go you can auto-calculate commissions based on either the Receivable or the Transactional method.

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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Companies large and small are getting more involved with the following aspects of their customer interaction experience:

  • Being able to act on all of these capabilities simultaneously and in real time
  • Bringing more certainty to the business by extracting real-time information to enhance forecasting and decision-making across the value chain, all enabled by cognitive processes and systems
  • Identifying the perfect moment
  • Layering in nuances of tone, sentiment, emotional state, environmental conditions and personal relationships for deeper human engagement
  • Understanding what individuals really want, maybe even before they know it

Guessing what customers need can be a waste of time. Your information must come from interactions during actual interactions with them. In some companies, a single client’s happiness can result in both huge revenues and savings. Engaged clients will offer ideas, suggestions, and thoughts about aspects of your entire company. Those ideas help you keep your support agents at their best.

An angry client is a learning opportunity, and improves how to handle similar situation in future. Improved employees are the result.

Motivated employees improve their customer service, bringing a benefit through the entire company. Being of good cheer in every interaction creates a calm, courteous future.

A customer support team that both listens and respects the client is a paramount focus. You gain countless knowledge and experience working with customers, must remain the goal when developing and maintaining a successful company.

FreshVu2Go, the online inventory management software, has been built so that you have as quick an interaction with your inventory and your customers as possible so that you can answer their needs better than you ever have before.

Monthly Archives: February 2018

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Monthly Archives: February 2018

From FreshVu2Go’s Contact Manager, you can coordinate all important customer historical information instantly with both precision and ease. Keep your finger on each customer’s pulse at all times from a single easy-to-use window, and never worry about losing track of vital customer information again with FreshVu2Go.

With FreshVu2Go, you can:

  • Manage all your customer information instantly and easily. FreshVu2Go is the perfect accounting and inventory management software for you and your business.
  • Monitor your customer’s invoice summary information, quotes and sales orders, as well as related dates of transactions, document numbers, order numbers, statuses of transaction, nets, freights, taxes, total values, and balances owing for each transaction. If you would like, you can easily drill down to the details of specific transactions with one simple click.
  • Open up numerous accounts receivable reports and keep track of multiple accounts at once thanks to our intuitive account management software.
  • Review outstanding credits owed to the customer instantly using drill-down capabilities so that you can ascertain how the credits became due.
  • Review payments associated to customer invoices easily, keeping up with important information like payment numbers, dates of payment, total payment amounts, discounts and interest paid, check numbers and comments associated with each payment and applying payments with a single click.
  • View immediately any customer balance that is owing.

If you are interested in learning how FreshVu2Go’s cutting-edge inventory and account management software can integrate into your business, click here to start your free trial today!


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FreshVu2Go gives you the necessary resources to improve customer satisfaction by streamlining shipping and receiving operations to facilitate quicker processing and giving you the ability to track important additional information required for shipments. You can ship directly from sales invoices or sales orders and even from the Fulfillment Manager. Sales staff can spot delayed shipments or backlogs in shipping before they become a problem.

With an easy-to-use screen you can easily see what has to be shipped along with what already has been shipped. You can combine shipments from different orders related to the same customer (if need be) and associate the item(s) to box labels for better tracking capabilities. Informative packing slips reduce manual handling via picking lists.

  • Combine multiple orders into single shipments and save money.
  • Enter several lines of instructions if you have important shipping information that needs to accompany the shipment.
  • Enter shipment ETAs by selecting the date the shipment is expected.
  • Modify receipts to incorporate freight costs and handling charges levied by vendors at a later date. Simply add a line item in the receipt with the price and description of the charge then re-save the receipt.
  • Select alternate ship-to locations at the stage of shipping or add a new ship-to address on the fly.
  • Track the dates of each shipment automatically by configuring inventory items with their default weights.
  • Track the number of boxes assigned to a shipment by assigning each box a label and assigning orders (or individual items from orders) to each box within a shipment. This gives you the ability to track how many boxes per shipment were utilized, and what labels were assigned to each of the boxes.

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In this video, we’re going to show you how FreshVu2Go’s inventory tracking software makes it easy to digitally move inventory from one area to another within your company. We know that you will be pleased using our state-of-the-art cloud inventory management suite, which is why we are offering all prospective customers a free FreshVu2Go trial! Click here to get started, or contact us today if you have any additional questions or concerns!

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Use the “item management” toolbar
  • Create a new transfer
  • Transfering one piece of inventory to another location
  • Utilize the “quick entry” inventory scanning process