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FreshVu2Go’s Work Order functions provide you with complete autonomy and mastery of your manufacturing processes, providing you with the ability to manage all of your up-to-the-minute works in process (WIP) data. For businesses involved in make to-order, assemble-to-order and engineer-to-order processing, FreshVu2Go is your .

Available functions include:

  • Choosing fixed or real when assigning time to Work Order masters
  • Controlling each step in project development and tracks all running costs to project completion
  • Defining lead times
  • Evaluating missing costs, analyzing work centre capacity, checking material shortages, confirming your tool requirements and examining any variances from standards
  • Issuing work orders, assembling kits, developing schedules and tracking costs associated with your manufacturing process
  • Printing inventory labels
  • Producing all required paperwork to move the work order through the process can then be produced from each work order, such as dispatch sheets and picking sheets
  • Using reporting capabilities to inform you of the status of open work orders, works-in-process and work order history

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With FreshVu2Go’s comprehensive inventory management software, you can expertly and immediately manage your purchase orders using the robust tools available in our SaaS. You can also check the status and scheduling of new, pending, overdue and expected purchase orders so that your company can be supplied as needs demand. You can even follow up with primary contacts by phone or email to guarantee that no small detail falls through the cracks. The receipt of purchase orders – either in full or partial forms – is as easy as can be and your billing and payment processes will become a snap in a matter of no time.

In the cloud-based world where FreshVu2Go lives, you remain in charge, on time and your company is no further away than the palm of your hand. Even outstanding orders can be managed with all the currency of a face-to-face transaction. This is just one of the countless ways that our cloud-based inventory management software is able to add significant value to your day-to-day operations.

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We know that your business involves a number of moving parts that can be hard to keep track of. Why complicate your day-to-day operations further by having a less than organized event calendar? With FreshVu2Go’s intuitive account management software, you can rest easy knowing that all of your daily meetings are in one location that is easy to access and modify. If you are interested in experiencing all that our state-of-the-art inventory management system has to offer, sign up for your free trial today by simply clicking here!

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Create a calendar event
  • Label events as high priority
  • Outline event details
  • Assign points of contact to specific events

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Companies most often categorize their stock items for sale into the following groups:

Consignment stocks – These are goods that you warehouse (and possibly sell) on behalf of your clients

Finished goods – These are goods ready for sale to customers

Goods for resale – These are returned goods that are salable

Maintenance supply – These are the goods that are stocked for usage within the manufacturing business.

Raw materials – These are components and materials scheduled for use in manufacturing a product

Stocks in transit – These are goods that are on their way from one location to another

Work in Process (WIP) – These are components and materials that have begun their transformation to finished goods

Companies that order, track, sell and re-order categorized items used in manufacturing need a system that enables their use in a variety of ways.

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In the past, it has usually required a team of IT techs to implement on-premise applications. However, unless the team has had a practicable understanding of functional processes and the frameworks of underlying applications then the implementation has suffered in both complexity and time demands. However, most companies hang their businesses on how readily the implementation is able to occur, and haven’t time to wait for trial-and-error projects to eventually suit their needs.

SaaS applications need to be manageable by their users directly for the benefit of their businesses. Their need to easily and quickly connect data with their other enterprise systems is paramount, and so the Cloud Integration must be complementary to the model through minimized development, immediate implementation, and access to maintenance resources, allowing users to focus on their core business.

After two decades of applied knowledge of inventory and accounting, we have put all our practical expertise we have achieved so far into the leading Cloud-based inventory and accounting application: FreshVu2Go.

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