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Let’s break what we do in business down to its essence. The essence is immediacy.

Immediacy trumps inertia, but it takes resolve because inertia has no greater friend than people. People take forever to get out of your way, or to commit the personnel with the right skills to the task. People forget what they promised, or don’t bother to follow up on something already underway and therefore don’t notice that it has either gone off course or completely off the rails. But worst of all is when people just don’t do a task at all.

They can theorize like crazy in meeting after meeting, but getting them in motion in a direction toward something is as difficult as solving a word puzzle in an unknown language. People are what make it difficult for you to get your job done. Another strike against them is that people will go miles out of their way to avoid making a decision.

So how do you get your immediacy machine working for you? Easy. Every task or job or project must be broken down into bite-sized chunks that are both quickly completed and easily performed while it provides you with all the tools to do the job.

After all, everything that complicates your life drains you of time, zaps you of energy and frustrates you to your saturation point. So why wouldn’t you – for both logical reasons and for merely retaining your sanity – find the easiest and quickest way to complete everything that you need to do? The simplest way to avoid people clogging up your progress is to factor as few of them as possible into your process.

When considering business success, there’s a way for you to make those sales, process those orders, perform those goals of making a profit with a single, fluid, universally-applicable software program. FreshVu2Go online inventory management offers a free trial. Take the next hour you’d be surfing the ‘Net or text messaging or posting a picture and give FreshVu2Go a whirl. Practical, busy people all over the world are Going Fresh.

So what is your impediment when it comes to success? Some will say the system is imperfect, or that leadership is lacking. Others say that marketing or managing inventory solves everything. Bottom-liners emphasize sales. Long-termers say that without financial acumen, a company is doomed. FreshVu2Go helps you conquer all of these things.

Monthly Archives: October 2017

Remember the days when inventory was managed on an archaic spreadsheet after transferring carefully collected data by hand? We do. At Fresh2Vu, we know that inventory management is absolutely vital to a thriving and successful business. However, many business owners and managers are still stuck in the Dark Ages, using outdated technology in the hopes of maintaining some semblance of clear and accurate inventory information. We want to change that, but why should you implement an inventory management system into your business?

Eliminates Searching for Items

When you have an accurate inventory management system, you’ll always know exactly what you have on hand, when you need to order more of a certain item, and whether or not a customer’s special order came in. You won’t be left tearing the warehouse apart looking for one small needle in a large haystack of pallets.

Improve Efficiency

When you have a solid inventory management system in place, your employees will have full knowledge of what products are in stock at all times. They won’t have to spend time in the back room, looking for information on an upcoming shipment, or checking for customers on the status of their special order. Everything will be at their fingertips, and rather than spending nearly an hour every day in the back searching for items, they’ll be able to devote that time to interacting with customers. After all, the more face-time your employees have with your clients, the stronger the relationship will become, and that only benefits your company.

Increases Sales Volume

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Imagine you went into a store to purchase a very specific item after calling ahead to ensure that the item was in stock. However, once you get there, an employee tells you that the item is no longer in stock, despite what you were told on the phone. Would you wait for the store to order another, or head to the nearest competitor? When your inventory is not managed properly, it can result in lost sales simply because of a miscommunication between your employees. A good inventory management system will allow your employees to know precisely what is on hand at all times. This means no missed sales because of a misplaced or misshelved item in the warehouse.

Ordering is Easier

Rather than checking and double checking your inventory count to determine when you need to place another order, an inventory management system will notify you when you’re getting low and makes ordering a simple process. You’ll be able to track how much of one product left your store without having to worry about inaccurate counts or inadvertently ordering too much of one thing.

Why FreshVu2Go?

Our inventory management software offers a customizable solution for your business. Whether you’re looking for cloud-based inventory management, or need a way to manage your business’s purchasing and expenses, FreshVu2Go can help. Contact us today to see how we can help transform your company’s inventory management process. We’re here to help!

Monthly Archives: October 2017

Monthly Archives: October 2017

Monthly Archives: October 2017