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Inventory discrepancies happen when the expected number of items does not match the number of items shown in the stock count record. Stock deficiencies occur when there are fewer items counted than shown on the inventory record; surpluses occur when there are more items counted than shown on the inventory records. Before steps can be taken to be decrease the likelihood of future repeat occurrences in your stock system, you must ascertain the accuracy of the marked discrepancy.

Initially, check these possible causes in the handling of stock:

  • Damaged items may not have been reported properly or accurately;
  • Stock items may have been assigned the wrong identity numbers;
  • Stock items may have been stored in incorrect locations;
  • The number of items being picked has been incorrect.

Lastly, check these possible causes in the counting of stock:

  • Counting of the items was inaccurate;
  • Data entry errors occurred when the stock was added to the system;
  • Inaccurate documentation has been kept in the system. Check picking
    slips and dispatches that contain the items in question.

Once the above checks have been made, then the causes can be identified as symptomatic or pathological. For a system that helps you keep on top of any of the above weaknesses, give FreshVu2Go a free trial today:

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Accountancy practices in the next two decades will employ more business analytics and data warehousing than ever before. Companies generating huge amounts of data will keep investing in business intelligence software suites to manage their needs. Therefore, accountants with a new level of technical skills will succeed.

Countries like Canada, New Zealand and South Africa are making strong moves towards modern, viable, ultra-competitive economies, and innovation in accounting will stay in step and, in some places, lead.

The process of extracting data to analyze business streams and establish KPIs is moving toward a lucrative opportunity for the companies that seek a future in a more global marketplace than ever before. The Accountant-as-Consultant will hold a healthy place in that world.

Accountants remain a valuable servicer for any modern business. Thus, the businesses of the future, regardless of size, will need accountants that understand their needs and systems. The newest technology and tools will help you gain and maintain a consistently excellent level of accountancy service.

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Why should a customer pick your business? They’re looking for something unique, something more, a distinct reason to refer them to other people. Think paperless as a valid reason.

Here’s a list of reasons how going paperless benefits your company:

  • Conduct business environmentally friendly and brag about it
  • Conduct business in a mobile environment resulting in faster responses to customers
  • Create faster business work flow by eliminating the time wasted on getting paper signatures on contracts and forms that need to be hand delivered
  • Eliminate filing cabinets and reduce office space
  • Establish rapport with clients who favor “going green”
  • Increase efficiency of your staff by removing the time spent searching for and sending documents
  • Present a professional image to your customers with mobile computing solutions
  • Real time updates and delivery of documents
  • Reduce business cost associated with paper, printers, copiers, fax machines, ink and toner cartridges, repairs and support.
  • Secure backup of all documents

In this “Green” world we are living in today, you and your client should feel good that you are all taking part to help preserve our beautiful planet by going paperless.

Consider some of the environmental impact of using paper in your business:
In the West, we generate 135 million tons of paper into the waste stream, and the U.S. pulp and paper industry remains (since 1960) the 2nd largest consumer of energy, and contributes 400 million ink and 100 million toner cartridges to landfills every year. Consider that it takes 2,500 trees to produce 10 million pages. Let’s leave the trees to release oxygen for our environment Surely we have wasted enough by now. Make a major “green” step by going paperless.

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FreshVu2Go provides comprehensive solutions for managing your company’s Accounts Payable needs. Beyond simply recording transactions, payments and obligations, it offers flexible cheque writing capabilities.

Strong Accounts Payable functionality is a critical area for any company. In FreshVu2Go, the main screen brings up a list of all purchases and payments made by you from vendors, giving you the ability to drill down to the actual transaction enabling you to see all details quickly and easily. You can review and apply payments easily to vendor invoices then proceed to the many Accounts Payable reports available from the same screen keeping you up-to-date on your purchasing status.

AP features:

  • AP Reports: Quickly retrieve and report on the Accounts Payable information you need.
  • Batch Processing: Process a batch of payments for existing invoices in your system with ease enabling the selection of the invoices from selected vendors that are to be included in the batch.
  • Currency Trader: Multi-currency enables you to pay your multi-currency vendors through a 3rd party payment process or Currency Trader. It’s easy to track what was paid to a Currency Trader in one currency and what invoices/vendors and currencies employed by them to pay your vendors, as well as associating the payment with the vendor and invoice, thus creating a flawless financial flow.
  • Payment Processing: FreshVu2Go allows you to process payments for your vendors enabling payment by cash, cheque, credit card as well as applying existing credit toward it.
  • Purchasing: Purchasing features keep your item details at hand, while partial orders can be processed quickly and users can make decisions based on any variances they observe. Accuracy in costing is always in mind so that users can receive the best deals possible on each successive acquisition. Aging of stock and all item details are mapped once they are entered into the system.

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FreshVu2Go streamlines shipping and receiving operations thus facilitating quicker processing and the ability to track important additional information required for shipments. Informative packing slips reduce manual handling due to picking lists. FreshVu2Go gives your staff the necessary resources to improve customer satisfaction. You can ship directly from sales invoices or sales orders. Sales staff can spot delayed shipments or backlogs in shipping before they become a problem.

FreshVu2Go makes it easy to:

  • Combine multiple orders into single shipments and save money.
  • Combine shipments from different orders related to the same customer (if need be) and associate the item(s) to box labels for better tracking capabilities.
  • Easily see what has to be shipped along with what already has been shipped.
  • Modify receipts to incorporate freight costs and handling charges levied by vendors at a later date. Simply add a line item in the receipt with the price and description of the charge then re-save the receipt.
  • Receive items from/to more than one stock location on a single invoice/receipt.
  • Select alternate ship-to locations at the stage of shipping or add a new ship-to address on the fly.
  • Track the dates of each shipment automatically by configuring inventory items with their default weights. SIMMS then utilizes this information when shipping (although you can override the weight at the shipping stage if you require).
  • Track the number of boxes assigned to a shipment by assigning each box a label and assigning orders (or individual items from orders) to each box within a shipment. This gives you the ability to track how many boxes per shipment were utilized, and what labels were assigned to each of the boxes.


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Tracking customer credit lines and past conversations means you’re in control of your receivables and your customers know it. FreshVu2Go’s Accounts Receivable supplies quantitative data and versatile reporting to allow the tracking of cash flow and receivables to ultimately provide information needed to make improvements and decisions. The addition of new clients and their codes occur in real time, billing and payment of receipts in alternate currencies is easy, and management of numerous bank accounts and printing of statements and batch invoices is quick and accurate.

FreshVu2Go also:

  • Enables you to track receivables closely and accurately
  • Enhances your customer relationship with advanced features like the ability to alert other staff members to a potential issue with an account
  • Facilitates accurate cash flow planning
  • Maintains extensive customer profile information, including conversations and commitments
  • Prevents unauthorized sales and limits your exposure
  • Simplifies the process of accepting payments in alternate currencies


Additional features include:

  • Batch Invoice Printing: Easily select a batch of customers along with various other options and process batch invoicing as you required
  • Cash Receipts Processing: Automatically apply cash receipts against the oldest invoices or against specific invoices. This allows you to post miscellaneous cash receipts directly against General Ledger accounts and process any pre-payments against invoices not yet recorded
  • Credit Card Processing for Cash Receipts: Posting of credit card payments can be done with ease in SIMMS with the 3rd party plugin to Synapse Gateway
  • International Address Capability Customer master files include multiple address lines to handle international numbers, country codes, international postal codes, and a field for expanded telephone numbers
  • Invoice Entry: Automatically calculate due dates, discount due dates, discount amounts, and commission amounts for invoice entries. Enter unlimited sales codes, miscellaneous charges, and add comment lines for each invoice in an easy-to-use grid-based Entry window
  • Manual Cheque Entry: Write ‘on-the-fly’ cheques with little effort, enabling the repayment of your customers’ back credits when such requirements arise
  • Memos: Memos can be assigned to specific customers. Attachments can be viewed and converted to customer alerts in a snap
  • Multiple Credit Cards: Store multiple credit cards per customer, including cardholder name and billing address. Storing this information for each credit card allows you to take advantage of the AVS (Address Verification Service)
  • Payment Processing: FreshVu2Go’s Accounts Receivable module allows you to process payments for customers, enabling them to pay in any currency by cash, cheque, credit card or by applying existing credits on the Easy Payment window
  • Statement Printing: Print statements for a billing cycle, either monthly or quarterly, on standard or custom forms for either one customer or multiple customers

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A simple Internet search gives you a myriad of options for an inventory software solution. It’s difficult to know which inventory management software will fit your needs, so here are some tips to find the system that is right for you.

Choosing an industry-leading inventory control software is too important to leave to companies that aren’t reputable. The best products come from companies that have deployed their software in a wide variety of industries, and FreshVu2Go has been put through its paces by companies from apparel to mechanical businesses around the world. First, look for robust functionality and versatility, such as these features:

  • Analytics: Information is critical to managing and growing your business, but you need more than numbers on a page to transform data into actionable information. Robust inventory control software will give you a range of customizable reporting options, including advanced analysis for the decision makers in your company.
  • Expiration Date Tracking: If your inventory includes time-sensitive products, your inventory software should track expiration dates from the moment they are received until they are shipped. Because expiration-related issues could crop up in the future, the software should also include the ability to track historical expiration date data.
  • Flexibility is the Key: An inventory software solution should be robust, but it should also be flexible. For example, if you deal in apparel, a module that tracks color, size, and style should be available. If your company provides services and returns, you may need a module that allows you to issue return merchandise authorization numbers, receive replacement items from your vendors, and issue replacement items to your customers.
  • Inventory Control: The inventory software solution that you choose should have the ability to track serial number, print barcodes, and store item images. It should allow you to define automatic reorder points, the purchase currency and cost, and the sales currency and cost. If you have unique pricing requirements, the software should allow you to assign different price points to the same item. It should also allow for manual counts and adjustments, as well as provide an audit trail for inventory adjustments.
  • Manufacturing: Smooth production cycles depend upon sound management of resource planning and production. The right software can allow you to gain a competitive advantage because it gives you the ability to respond quickly to the needs of your customers.
  • Remote Data Collection: The top inventory software providers can combine software and hardware solutions that will allow you to remotely access vendor and customer data, track inventory and fixed assets, and issue sales orders and receive purchase orders.
  • Retail Management: If you have retail locations, look for an inventory software solution that can increase the productivity of your employees, adjust inventory at point-of-sale, and automate purchasing.

Whichever inventory software solution you choose, make sure that it has both the features you need at the present time, and those that you are likely to need in the future.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you can’t afford not to have the most up-to-date information available in a form that enables you to make decisions in response to market demands. To learn more, give FreshVu2Go a free trial here:

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FreshVu2Go provides an ever-expanding range of solutions that keeps your precious data safe and sound. With growing versatility that adds features as it matures, FreshVu2Go leads the world owing to its comprehensive business sense and practical inventory features, keeping you in charge and in the lead.

With FreshVu2Go, you can take charge of the following crucial details:

Asset Management

Comprehensive management and asset tracking leads to more current and accurate reports to all departments of your business, executives, donors, auditors, top management, and agencies of the government.

Industry-Specific Mastery

FreshVu2Go is perfect for real estate professionals, construction bosses and trade contractors who need a multi-feature functionality for their document, fiscal and project management requirements.

Manage Your Clients Better

Manage your client relationships, acquire new ones, satisfy your existing ones and retain all clients permanently with our complete business solution.

Robust Financials

Master your customers, accounting, stock, jobs, staff and services within a single system—comprehensibly and affordably.

Your Perfect Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

Control with ease all aspects of your company, new or established. Support and business expertise helps you to master your company in the way that you need from anywhere and any time.

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