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Accounting Basics


Monthly Archives: August 2017

Avoiding common invoicing mistakes like incorrect dates and invoice numbers are always a goal for your company. Delays in payment can occur if you do not stay on top of these potential inaccuracies.

FreshVu2Go’s online invoicing increments your invoice numbers automatically and lets you preview invoices before sending them.

You can also:

– Create automated payment reminders when invoices become overdue

– Duplicate past invoices into current ones

– Enter sales taxes per invoice

– Make deposits online

– Streamline overdue payment reminders

– Track the amount of time spent working on client projects and create invoices directly from within the projects

– Use customized invoices for each client, changing currencies as needed

Simplifying your invoice process with FreshVu2Go helps you make it easy for your customers to pay and make sure that all invoice payments are processed quickly and easily. Give FreshVu2Go a try today for free here:

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FreshVu2Go is made for both service firms and companies who sell their inventory in a fly-quick fashion, in other words, product based firms. Both accounting and stock management are our specialties, and our simple yet sophisticated interface lets you and your business excel on the fly. As the best Cloud-based commerce software solution in the world, we seek to help our users do business ‘in stride’ with both accuracy and efficiency. Spend more time producing a profit and spend less time managing your invoices and collecting money from your clients.

For these businesses, and yours, FreshVu2Go is here for you. We keep our focus on providing solutions for businesses and business processes that we know very well. We seek to design a better experience for our customers and their clients. This comes from a long understanding of their challenges. We at FreshVu2Go will continue to develop groundbreaking ways to deliver value to service based businesses.

You can give FreshVu2Go a try today as see just how easy it is to understand and to use. Click here for a free trial:

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Billing and collecting are at the fulcrum here. Unclaimed revenue hugely impacts your cash flow and your facility to pay bills. Following up on your receivables and applying payments to your invoices monthly is crucial. At tax time, you could face wasted hours updating your receivables listing, overpaying on your taxes and bad debts.


Profit and Loss reports are a common indicator of fiscal success. The record of your company’s expenditures and income examined over a particular time period. It shows either a loss (expenses exceeding income) or a profit (income exceeding expenses). Scrutiny of your monthly P&L helps you monitor where your cash is going for expenses, helps you identify the months when you tend to make less money, and is a great indicator of how your company is growing over time.


At the start, you’re grateful for customers of any kind. However, successful companies are mostly those that indicate their most valuable customers, develop relationships with them, and work to bring in new customers with a similar profile. Examining your income on a per-customer basis, you can pinpoint those who are most important to your bottom line, and work to make those relationships more profitable.


Many small service-based companies provide an array of services. Comprehending where most of your revenue comes from inform you how you should market, grow and staff your business. In a perfect model, you need to dedicate more time to the activities that make the most money and improve those particular services.


Checking on the sales taxes you’re collecting from customers and paying to the government is a necessary part of managing your business. You must overcome the tendency to collect tax and combine it with income. It’s easy to avoid fines and penalties for late payments, and routine sales tax reporting will save you resources, and help you continue to be more effective at tax planning.

The five key performance indicators listed above will keep you evolving your business based upon important information that every company should keep an eye on.

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SaaS (Software As A Service) allows for seamless integration, low initial costs, high adoption rate and painless upgrades. Remote application hosting and delivery are primary strengths of SaaS. There’s no hardware or software to buy, install, update or maintain and access only requires an Internet connection.

Banks are the best-known examples of an SaaS. It protects each customer’s privacy as it provides secure, reliable service on a grand scale. Its customers all use the same financial systems and technology without concern about anyone accessing their personal information without authorization. Access to data is improved from any networked device as management of privileges becomes easier, data standardization for everyone to monitor data use while ensuring everyone sees the same information at the same time.

Banks use a multi-tenant architecture, wherein all users and applications share a single, common infrastructure and code base that is centrally maintained. Because SaaS vendor clients are all on the same infrastructure and code base, vendors can innovate more quickly and save the valuable development time previously spent on maintaining numerous versions of outdated code. The SaaS also is easily customizable applications to fit their business processes without affecting the common infrastructure; the customizations are unique to each business or user and preserved through upgrades – allowing for upgrades more often while both lowering adoption cost and customer risk.

FreshVu2Go uses the SaaS model to provide the best Cloud-based inventory/accounting software solution in the world today. Give it a free trial here:

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