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Gains (or losses) describe the incrementation (or decrementation) in the value of an asset or liability for an accounting period.

Holding gains (losses) are generally conceived as increases (decreases) in the replacement costs of the assets held during a given period. Both gains and losses accrue to the owners of assets and liabilities purely as a result of holding the assets or liabilities over time, without transforming them in any way.

Case in Point: If a business holds bottles of wine in its inventory and that particular vintage becomes more expensive on the market, the replacement cost of the wine in the inventory increases as it has become more expensive for the company to replace its current wine stock. Therefore, by the simple act of holding the wine in the inventory, the assets of the company rise in value.

There are different types of holding gains and the types depend on the accounting system your business uses. Holding gains are most frequently used in inflation accounting and income measurement. Holding gains or losses can occur from depreciation, gearing adjustments, stock, or adjustments to monetary working capital, and gains can be of two types: realized (such as sold goods) or unrealized (such as stock).

Realized gains or losses are recognized in the financial statements, and only in rare cases are unrealized losses recognized, as with marketable securities and inventory applying the lower of cost or market value rule. However, permanent reductions in the value of assets (as for obsolete equipment) should be reflected in the accounts. It should be noted that if current cost financial statements are prepared, holding gains and losses would be reflected.

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FreshVu2Go, the world’s most comprehensive Cloud-based inventory/accounting software available today, employs a comprehensive range of financial reports that you can customize for their content and layout, so that your company can get the information it needs.

Your accounting details can be viewed in an all-inclusive or hand-picked format that both provide information that can be analyzed both historically and at a per-customer basis. You can organize your information in summary form or on a per-transaction basis to provide the data in one place that you need most.

The financial data that can help you make quicker and better-informed decisions, leading you to establish report content that is germane to each department in your business. Further, you can trace the integration of information to bring focus to your various departmental structures, such as kitting, general inventory, receivables, payables, general ledger, sales orders and purchase orders (both pending and processed), works-in-progress (WIPs) and many others.

Ultimately, FreshVu2Go’s financial reports let you benefit from the data that is important to you and your company as well as providing built-in tools to analyze your financial history and current revenue and expense flows.


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FreshVu2Go is a proven solution for supply chain management and distribution, being used by companies involved in fleet-footed manufacturing and real-time management of supply chain operations no matter where they need to conduct business.

You can perfectly plan and execute the activities you need, improve timely and informed business decision-making, and deliver essential information to every part of your organization. You gain both visibility and control to optimize the total performance of your various operations.

Integrate with Automated Storage
Complete control of any warehouse/location as well as bar-coding (Automated Data Collection) helps minimize supply chain and distribution expenses while improving efficiency and accuracy.

Location Management
Specified Areas (Location IDs and Location Numbers) establish sound coordination of sophisticated pick-out and put-away techniques.

Lot & Serial Control
Through purchasing documents, sales orders and stock management practices, lots and serial numbers are specific and finitely-controlled. As serial numbers and lots are consumed, a full transaction history is established and continued. Expiration dates and product recalls can be managed easily.

Purchase Order Management
Generate orders to your vendors (for your suppliers) quickly and immediately, and track each line’s items by their required locations and dates and apply service charges and permit the inclusion of indirect materials at any juncture of the process. From requisition to receiving to approval stages. Replenishment Planning coordinates both forecasted demands and sales order and provides a cost-effective and feature-rich solution to your needs.

Real-time Management of Supply Chain and Distribution Operations
Complete solution for shorter implementation times, lower costs, a quick payback of investment and a significant return on investment.

Transaction Mastery
Whether you use smart phone, tablets, other devices or static workstation or servers for your conduct of commerce, all transactions can be created, edited, verified, finalized and reported.


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Monthly Archives: July 2017

SIMMS’ Fulfillment Manager

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Stock control gives you both perspective and power in your business. With unlimited, customizable business management reports (including transaction history, inventory aging and total cost of inventory) FreshVu2Go’s business alerts keep you on track with your low stock levels so that you can quickly email purchase orders to your vendors, guaranteeing that the inventory you require will be on hand when you need it.

FreshVu2Go provides all the tools you need to keep your business operating smoothly in a logical, easy-to-use design. The difference between the solution you need and the one you have is features. Here are just some items on the long list of features in FreshVu2Go:

  • Access information securely and immediately
  • Create new inventory items by selecting a number from a drop, or typing or scanning
  • Easily locate inventory items, eliminating unproductive time spent searching for stock
  • Ensure data integrity with feature-based security
  • Find critical data quickly using the tool-rich Advanced Find feature
  • FreshVu2Go is Quick and Simple to Use – import your existing inventory and suppliers with the Import Wizard
  • Guarantee that the right items are in stock to meet customer demand
  • Improve business profitability and purchasing efficiency
  • Integrated labeling software makes it easy to create, customize, and print barcode and data labels Attach labels to products, shelves, sites, locations, or documents
  • Maintain accurate inventory counts for fewer year-end inventory write-offs
  • Manage your business using countless business reports
  • Navigate using Inventory Control’s user-friendly interface
  • Print Barcode Labels for Shipping, Products, or Location Tags
  • Review quantities at any time
  • Track inventory in warehouses, light manufacturing & distribution centers, retailers, stock rooms & supply closets, mobile trucks, and any installation contractors or businesses that buy, stock, and sell parts and products
  • Transfer inventory from one site to another
  • View critical count levels, including total available, total checked out, and total in-house

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Every quality cloud-based accounting system has these features:

  • Categorize income and expenses specifically for tax reporting
  • Connect to online bank accounts and credit cards
  • Download your new data each day
  • Employ simple dashboards and options
  • Enjoy secure, double-entry accounting for bank reconciliation and financial statements
  • Generate professional invoices
  • Import your existing transaction history
  • Keep track of sales and finances in one place
  • Link existing accounts such as banks, credit cards, Paypal, eBay, your own Web store
  • Organize all of your data into tax categories
  • See where money is going
  • See who your customers are
  • View profit/loss statements

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An inventory philosophy dedicated to accuracy will help your business obtain and retain its competitive edge and its leadership, no matter what develops in the course of daily business. The developers of FreshVu2Go have pooled all of their expertise and skill to implement all details of inventory management.

A crucial aspect of inventory management success is a single-minded dedication to correct and complete record-keeping. For any business to get and hold thorough control of its inventory it must perennially focus on precise and efficient mastery of every aspect of stock management. Of equal importance, methodical audits need to be conducted to guarantee that all on-hand counts are exact. Accurate record-keeping helps your business avoid overstocking as well as eliminating stock shortages that can hinder ongoing sales.

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Every inventory program’s interface must be easy to navigate, with most tasks and functions listed in a single menu or panel. Ask yourself: how easy is to use the software to actually take inventory? Support for barcode scanners lessens the amount of time you spend updating your actual stock numbers, as well providing you with information as to precisely where your stock is located and making the tracking of it very simple. Help menu access is always at your fingertips and the process of printing your current stock counts and then updating them should be simplicity itself. Fluid speed should also be available when adding specific items, customers, locations and suppliers.

Combined with checking on your prices, sales made on a weekly business or monthly, and your bottom line, your package needs to provide all these to you easily and quickly. FreshVu2Go helps you plan for growth and adjust to limitations that may occur. When you consider that amongst your top two advantages with FreshVu2Go are accuracy and speed, how can you at least give the software a try?

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From all of us at FreshVu2Go, hearty congratulations to Canada on its 150th birthday!