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Shipping’s chief goal is customer service, and is measured for speed and accuracy. Perfect  pick lines are also of huge importance. Key performance indicators (KPIs), like shipping and picking, help you walk the tightrope between failure and success and, roughly, you have five years to help your business make it. Of all things, you need to understand the real cost of your inventory.

Every type of business has its own KPIs and they are each important to your company’s fiscal future. They’re directly related to the efficiency of your supply chain and the demand and quality of the inventory you stock, while also informing you of any trending of your buying habits.

If all your KPIs are optimized properly, customers will come back over and over and your sales will make you new customers. FreshVu2Go helps you to watch all your KPIs and make moves to improve them. Built for inventory management first and then enhanced to handle all of your accounting needs, FreshVu2Go uses all metrics that a cloud-based, real-time software solution should provide.

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If your stock tracking is off-kilter, you’ll experience unnecessarily high costs, inventory inaccuracies and a drop in customer satisfaction levels.

The best way to measure inventory accuracy is to compare how many items are in stock to what’s actually recorded in your database. Doing this on a regular basis ensures that bookkeeping practices are in order.

Manufacturing or reordering parts you already have in stock is a common mistake when you don’t know what you already have. Using barcodes, however, is exceedingly accurate and is integrated into the FreshVu2Go system, and within its first day of use, companies can experience positive results such as more effective inventory tracking and improved ordering habits.

If you find inaccuracies tend to be the norm in your inventory counts, integrating a barcode inventory management system can solve those problems for your business, too. Effective financial planning and accounting drives the successful growth and profits of every small business.

FreshVu2Go has been founded on the concept that growing companies are extremely sensitive to shifts in both their cash flow and their balance sheet. We know they need to check their fiscal performance at any moment and make plans for the future. Since small businesses compose over 90% of all businesses, their success affects every country’s economy.

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FreshVu2Go is a real-time inventory and accounting package that lets you stay ahead of your competition like no other package does in today’s rapid and changing business world.

With FreshVu2Go, you can:

  • Set up a complete barcode system for your business to improve your accuracy and efficiency, in real time.
  • Use Multi-user mode, which helps you to connect everyone in your office. –
  • Create unlimited orders, customers, and products.
  • Track all inventory-related costs, so you can know at any given moment where your bottom line is.
  • Produce reports to see your sales totals, cost of goods sold, taxes collected, profit margin, inventory value on hand, etc.
  • Easily do your taxes.
  • Employ reports that are actually useful.
  • In the custom Cloud, your information is hosted online securely.
  • Manage your company on your Smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere, at any time of the day or night.
  • Have all of your staff working as a team, always knowing your current stock levels.

FreshVu2Go grows with your business, so that you’ll never be behind your current stock needs or out-of-date with your accounting requirements. Take advantage of two decades of inventory and accounting experience and use FreshVu2Go – the easiest and most accurate system in the world today.

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Every business’ management and planning tools need to streamline and speed-up both information and work flow so that users and managers both have precise knowledge of work done today, tomorrow and over the next set period. The benefit of these tools is what is known as business intelligence— a truly important commodity in the world today. Accurate business intelligence can make all the difference between your company’s success and its failure.

FreshVu2Go, the prime cloud-based inventory/accounting system available in the world today, can keep your most important information processes to the forefront – for the benefit of both you AND your customers.

Give FreshVu2Go a chance to show its stripes and that it’s more than capable of handling the aspects of your fluid business better than any other application.

Monthly Archives: June 2017

Monthly Archives: June 2017

At the heart of capturing metrics are the retail and direct systems. It is significant that metrics produced by systems will be used for dashboard reporting to top management and that management will need drill-down capability to see details at lower levels of reporting such as merchandise divisions.

Ideally a multichannel merchant wants to implement channel-appropriate merchandise planning, inventory forecasting, trending, and performance systems now. In the real world, many multichannel companies are still working through what their requirements are specifically for e-mail and Internet forecasting functions. Examine your Internet demand and determine how different it is from catalog demand, and develop systems functions accordingly.

Steady analysis of your systems has never been easier than it is with FreshVu2Go. You can generate reports on every item you’ll ever want to analyze. Give FreshVu2Go a free trial today to see what we mean:

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FreshVu2Go features an equipment rental feature that helps you stay on top of all your customer’s needs. With equipment rentals, you gain complete command over the following details:

– Avoid items being over-booked

– Check on the availability of your items at any time

– Completed orders can be delivered when expected

– Create customizable invoices and send them to clients in seconds

– Distribute invoices to location managers, accounting personnel and customers

– Easy-to-use availability calendar give you complete knowledge and control

– Efficiency, speed, and accuracy of rentals at every stage

– Email alert feature keeps everyone informed and up-to-date

– Record management integrates with all departments

– Reservations are easily created, edited or removed

Equipment rentals demand accuracy and availability to keep your customers happy and supplied. FreshVu2Go makes rentals both easy and timely. For excellent saas management software, look no further than FreshVu2Go.

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