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Core returns are based on an exchange system. When you buy new product, you send back your used product (core) for remanufacturing. Knowing what the acceptance criteria is for a core return is very important because with practical criteria, the return process increases in efficiency.

Core returns reduce waste, extend the life cycles of products, preserve natural resources and reduce the usage of materials.

FreshVu2Go can help you set the acceptable criteria so that your returns process is immediately green-lit or does not qualify. FreshVu2Go’s core returns lets you see the status and progress of any core return that you’ve ever completed.

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A man piloting a hot air balloon discovers that he has wandered off course and is hopelessly lost. He descends to a lower altitude and locates a man on the ground. He lowers the balloon further and shouts, “Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?”

The man below says, “Yes, you are in a hot air balloon, about thirty feet above this field.”

“You must be an accountant,” says the balloonist.

“Yes I am” replies the man. “And how did you know that”

“Well” says the balloonist, “what you tell me is technically correct, but of no use to anyone.”

The man below says, “You must be a manager.”

“Well, yes I am” replies the balloonist, “how did you know?”

“Well”, says the accountant, “you don’t know where you are, or where you’re going, but you expect my immediate help. You’re in the same position you were before we met, but now it’s my fault.”

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Security and Reliability Safeguards

At Kornyk Computer Solutions International Inc, we know that our customers rely on us as an important part of their business processes and record keeping. We take our responsibilities to our customers seriously, and the security and reliability of the software, systems and data that make up the FreshVu2Go application are our top priority.

Security and Reliability Safeguards

At Kornyk Computer Solutions International Inc, we know that our customers rely on us as an important part of their business processes and record keeping. We take our responsibilities to our customers seriously, and the security and reliability of the software, systems and data that make up the FreshVu2Go application are our top priority.

All information travelling between your browser and FreshVu2Go is protected from eavesdroppers with 256-bit SSL encryption. The lock icon in your browser lets you verify that you aren’t talking to a phishing site impersonating FreshVu2Go and that your data is secure in transit.


The FreshVu2Go application – including your data – rests securely behind firewalls.

Strong encryption

Particularly sensitive information – credit card numbers, bank account information, and your payment gateway account details – are encrypted in our database using AES.

Physical security

The FreshVu2Go servers are located in Rackspace’s state-of-the-art datacentres, which provide biometric access controls, constant surveillance, redundant power feeds and generators, robust fire suppression, and carefully monitored climate control to protect the servers that store your data and manage your billing.


– Redundant servers and datacentres
The FreshVu2Go infrastructure uses redundant storage and servers to keep the application and your data available in the case of hardware failure – and another set of servers and storage in a geographically separate datacentre in case our primary datacentre is made unavailable by a disaster or other disruption.

– Managed hosting
FreshVu2Go has chosen Rackspace for our hosting needs. With clients like General Electric, Hershey, Cisco, Pfizer, EMI Music, Scott’s, Hilton, Columbia House and the US Marines, we know Rackspace provides the hardware, service and expertise you expect.

– Backups
The data in your FreshVu2Go account is replicated across multiple database servers in two geographic locations to prevent a single failure from causing data loss. Additionally, that data is backed up nightly to tape and stored in a secure offsite location to ensure that, even in the event of a catastrophe like a tornado or flood, your information will be safe and your records can be quickly restored.

If you have any security concerns or questions feel free to contact us at

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Discover FreshVu2Go, an easily-integrated SaaS management software designed to make your business run more smoothly and efficiently. We understand the importance of managing your business carefully so you can focus on growing larger. This is where FreshVu2Go can help. Let our helpful software automate processes, track inventory, and keep an accurate record of customer interactions and sales. Contact our helpful team today to get started!

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FreshVu2Go’s Serial Number Tracking manages an unlimited amount of serial numbers from the time they are received into stock until the time they are moved out. This information is permanently recorded in the system, allowing inventory control personnel access to a wealth of historical and validation information.

The information maintained by the Serial Number Tracking system is extremely helpful when returning a defective item to your vendor or when verifying a returned item from your customer.

There will be no more endless searching through filing cabinets when you have FreshVu2Go. Instead, the information is right at your fingertips, saving you both time and money.


FreshVu2Go’s Serial Number Tracking features include:

  • Assign serial numbers to items during or immediately following receipt of goods
  • Assign serial numbers to your finished kit builds
  • Assign up to two unique serial numbers per item
  • Automatically generate your serial numbers or secondary user serial numbers with ease
  • Drill down and view serial numbers related to items received or transferred and/or sold
  • Easily assign serial numbers for kit components during a kit build
  • Easily assign/sell serial numbers during or following the invoice
  • Easily integrate barcode reader for items with serial number barcodes
  • Easily select serial numbers during an inventory transfer
  • Report on serial number activities by date, location or serial number
  • Serial numbers can be entered/sold randomly or sequentially
  • Trace a serial number in the system in little time
  • Track specific cost by serial number sold

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FreshVu2Go’s Software as a Service (SaaS) feedback-driven software helps you to avoid what other SaaS software management tools are not able to: too many features that make every step of every task detailed, multi-leveled, and irritating to complete. With FreshVu2Go, you can open our software with a task in mind, such as creating an invoice.

Direct feedback from our users helps us to prioritize what new features they need, all of which are added with no effect on the ease or speed of the software. You can also connect to the software from anywhere you can achieve an Internet connection and be rest assured that your data is protected in our secure cloud. FreshVu2Go is an excellent management choice regarding your inventory and accounting needs.

In today’s application market, SaaS is leading the way. If you’re searching for an easy-to-use SaaS management tool, look no further than FreshVu2Go. Try it out today with our free trial!

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Inventory is described in Max Muller’s The Essentials of Inventory Management as follows:

“There are three basic types of inventory:

  1. Raw Materials—raw materials inventory is made up of goods that will be used in the production of finished products, e.g., nuts, bolts, flour, sugar.
  2. Work in Process —work in process inventory, or WIP, consists of materials entered into the production process but not yet completed, e.g., subassemblies.
  3. Finished Goods—finished goods inventory includes completed products waiting to be sold, e.g., bar stools, bread, cookies.

Most inventory fits into one of these general buckets, yet the amount of each category varies greatly depending on the specifics of your industry and business. For example, the types of inventory found in distribution environments are fundamentally different from those found in manufacturing environments.

Distribution businesses tend to carry mostly finished goods for resale while manufacturing companies tend to have less finished goods and more raw materials and work in progress. Given these differences, it is natural that the accounting choices vary between distribution and manufacturing settings.”

No matter in which industry or commercial enterprise that your company functions, sound inventory management is the key to its continuing growth and preservation of its asset values. A comprehensive software solution that secures and accurately tracks your stock is essential to your smooth and satisfactory conduct of business. The best cloud-based inventory and accounting software on the market today is FreshVu2Go, and you can try it for free now by clicking this link:

Give it a try today to discover the most easy, fluid and accurate package to process and protect your numbers and your stock.

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If you operate in the demanding field of the defense and aerospace industry and you need to manage your inventory, you need a powerful SaaS management tool.

FreshVu2Go provides real-time information as soon as you update it and gives you an advantage over your competitors. Both customizable and configurable, FreshVu2Go is a cloud-based, data collector-enabled Warehouse Management System (WMS). It offers advanced capabilities to track inventory from the point of receipt throughout the shipping process, thereby optimizing your inventory to increase profit levels.

We understand that you require a trusted and secure SaaS management tool for your specific industry. FreshVu2Go operates based on criteria of any delineated qualification requirements you may be subject to. For a comprehensive industry, you need an inventory management system that maintains and changes and grows as often as your needs. With FreshVu2Go, you have the perfect match.

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Check out this simple video explaining Step Variable Costs as how they pertain to cost accounting. If you’re interested in SaaS management software for your business, contact FreshVu2Go today!

Step Variable Costs