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FreshVu2Go makes having the conversations between you, your clients, and your team members immediate and worthwhile. When all of your data and ideas are coordinated in one place, you’ll always have excellent communication and will complete tasks with optimal efficiency. With FreshVu2Go’s SaaS management software, you can confer with your team members to have those projects finished in record time.

Attachments are easily found and notes and images are at your fingertips at any moment. A web-based application like FreshVu2Go gives your business the power of collaboration and the ability to get those projects completed quickly.

You also gain the following advantages with FreshVu2Go’s SaaS management tool:

  • Real-time management
  • Input from builders, workers, and clients
  • Available information (including images) to everyone
  • Centralized conversations
  • Project due dates
  • Overviews of every current project

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Monthly Archives: March 2017

The modern world is based on commerce conducted with precision and speed. When it comes to your online accounting, it must be completed with absolute efficiency.

Payments need to be recorded and the money needs to appear in your bank account instantly. Forego waiting for clients to pay via a traditional invoice and use FreshVu2Go’s SaaS management software to accept credit cards online and get paid instantly.

Automatically remind your clients with late payment reminders and process late payment fees easily with our management system. FreshVu2Go will help you achieve success in these areas as well:

  • Accept payments from major credit cards and payment systems
  • Easy payment method
  • Include fees and added expenses
  • Instant deposits to your bank account
  • Record payments automatically
  • Secure and safe online processing
  • Setup automatic payments

…and much more!

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FreshVu2Go’s Saas management tool takes care of your business’ numbers, letting you avoid the headaches and time that it would take to calculate them manually. Leave the stress of profit and loss, income statements, and other small business financial reports up to FreshVu2Go. Our easily-integrated software will keep your numbers up-to-date so you can know exactly what you need to manage your business correctly.    

Gain these advantages:

  • Accurate breakdowns of how much you’re spending
  • Details of invoices summarized
  • Expenditure lists and breakdowns
  • Export reports to Excel or Acrobat
  • Outstanding revenue summaries
  • Profit and loss and income statements
  • Easily-customizable reports
  • Real-time reports
  • Summaries of sales taxes

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The primary goal for all supply chains is to provide clients with what they want, when they want it. Inventory management plays a crucial role in the need of every small business to satisfy its clients.

However, in many organizations, the opportunities to lower inventory costs are too rarely addressed or are not exploited thoroughly enough. If your company requires assistance taking money out of inventory, there are numerous strategies you can employ that will pay off almost immediately. Here are five of them:

  1. Letting Economics Dictate Base Cycle Stock: For manufactured products, if production equipment changeover costs are in a similar state, getting them in place will either reduce average inventory through shorter runs or allow for reducing changeover and receiving labor through longer runs. For purchased products, keeping control over your acquisition transaction costs will either reduce average inventory or allow for reducing purchasing and receiving labor.
  2. Lowering of Inventory Holding Costs: Improving your space utilization in contracted, leased, or public warehouses (or minimizing or delaying the expansion of owned facilities) through layout, narrow-aisle handling equipment, mezzanines, or more appropriate storage modes will all reduce your holding overhead.
  3. Shortening of Lead Times: For either purchased or manufactured products, any reduction in lead time (receiving cycle time, supplier lead time, or transportation time) provides a single, permanent reduction in cycle stock inventory proportional to the throughput level of the SKU and the degree of lead time reduction. In a similar manner, the elimination of lead time variability and growth of inbound unit-, SKU-, or order-fill rates both will increase your supply reliability and reduce your safety stock inventory for all customer service levels respectively.
  4. Liquidation: While there remains a short-term price to pay on the profit and loss (P&L) and the balance sheet, when it becomes obvious that the value to be gained through liquidation – by sale at reduced price, sale as distressed product, salvage, or by charitable donation –exceeds the most optimistic estimate of future gross margin from conventional product sales, liquidation becomes your best course of action.
  5. Accuracy of Inventory Balances: Inaccurate stock balances have the lingering effect of undermining the very best forecasting and safety inventory management processes that you can employ. Through effective cycle counting and with effort towards identification of the root causes of issues, you can keep on top of identification efforts.

Whether your business is large or small, the best on-the-go cloud-based SaaS management software you can employ for your inventory management is FreshVu2Go.

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Helping our customers check their transactions and receive instant status information has always been one of our goals at FreshVu2Go. We’re always looking for ways to help simplify things, make our SaaS management software more efficient, and reduce the effort required to get tasks done. We’re staying focused on delivering smaller updates to improve important workflows and make things easier for you. Features like “Transaction Status” legends can help your efficiency when working with your vendors and customers.

If you’re doing a lot of buying and selling, your ability to check on the status of transactions helps you save time and then decide on what the next step is to continue your efficiency.

When looking at your sales documents – quotes, sales orders and invoices – you can now see their current status instantly on a single screen with FreshVu2Go. Before you had to open the sales documents to see what steps were complete and which steps were yet to be processed. Now, you only need to look in one place.

Select the transaction screen, and simply view the current statuses in the Status column and you’ll instantly know which ones are at which step of their overall process. For instance, on the Invoice screen, you can see the following:

For explanations of the statuses listed, the Status Legend now appears beneath every transaction list, as follows:

FreshVu2Go also includes the statuses and the legends for all of your purchase screens as well, from purchase orders to receipts of goods. Further, the legends for other features and modules — such as Item Transfers and Maintenance Pro — provide you with instant, simple explanations so that you can keep doing business with all the information you need on-the-spot, immediately.

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Periodic inventory is an inventory system wherein updates are made on an occasional basis. It differs from perpetual inventory, in which updates are made often.

Periodic inventory systems do not focus on maintaining current records of either the cost of goods sold or inventory, which are assessed only on occasion, such as year-end.

The physical count decides the quantity of inventory appearing in the balance sheet. Thereafter, cost of goods sold for the year then is determined.

Perpetual inventory systems are often susceptible to inaccuracy due to understatements (missing inventory) or overstatements (phantom inventory) or errors that can occur because of breakage, scanning errors, theft or untracked inventory movements, leading to systematic errors in replenishment.

The Perpetual Inventory formula is:

Beginning Inventory (from a physical count) + ReceiptsShipments = Ending Inventory.

Some accountants will make an adjustment journal entry to add or subtract stock, but when all receipts (purchases) and shipments (invoices) are entered as transactions, adjustment entries do not need to take place.

Monthly Archives: March 2017

Monthly Archives: March 2017

Shifts in Demand

Some goods might not sell due to shifts in market demand. For example, a clothing store that stocks too many tank tops during the summer may find itself unable to get rid of the tank tops before fall. During the autumn, consumers might demand different types of clothing, like T-shirts or sweatshirts, leaving the company with a large quantity of goods on hand that simply take up space.

Deterioration and Obsolescence

Some companies sell goods that tend to deteriorate or perish over time, such as food products. Keeping a large amount of perishable inventory on hand risks the possibility that you will be unable to sell some of the inventory in time before it goes bad, which can force you to throw away product. Similarly, certain types of products, such as computers and other electronic devices tend to become obsolete quickly. Keeping a large inventory of such products is risky because consumers might not be willing to buy old versions of products at a price that is profitable when new or updated versions become available.

Storage Costs

Carrying a large volume of items on hand means you need a large amount of space to store your inventory. Storage space like warehouses and storage rooms cost money to build, rent and maintain. Storage facilities require workers to categorize and organize items and transport items from one place to another. In addition, high levels of inventory can lead to higher insurance costs.

While high levels of inventory can be a disadvantage, carrying too few goods on hand can also be harmful to a business. Running out of an item could mean that you miss out on sales and profits, and customers will go down the street to someone else. Ultimately, administrators must set inventory levels that maintain buffer stock, sell inventory items before it is designated as obsolete, avoid stock-out situations and eliminate storage costs.

To take advantage and control at the same time requires planning and dedicated policy implementation. A comprehensive software package provides accuracy and mastery of your company’s needs and demands. FreshVu2Go handles all these challenges and more.

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Too often companies will realize that though their shelves are loaded with stock items, the revenues for the month are not making all this storage — and its costs and personnel — worthwhile.

FreshVu2Go can help users turn this trend around so that your profits improve and your overhead is kept both low and manageable. Reduced stock counts that climb only in preparation of anticipated orders bring more immediate return on the investment. Movement of more stock does not require a huge warehouse staff, but only a steady stream by and organized team of personnel. Orders get streamlined and quickened.

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Maintaining linear assets such as pipelines, railroads, and transmission or electrical wires, places a large demand on suppliers and manufacturers by the maintenance and replacement services required. The materials and equipment needed to perform these maintenance tasks also need servicing and tracking. FreshVu2Go’s Maintenance Pro helps the maintenance crews keep track of personnel, materials and tools used in the service projects.

Use Maintenance Pro to help you:

  • Create moment-to-moment reports and figures in a snap
  • Monitor repair records and current work orders
  • Prepare data requirements for certification associations, department heads, insurance companies, and legal firms
  • Quickly review figures, maintenance histories and repairs
  • Save time by automating maintenance management while reducing  unnecessary paperwork
  • Update data and manage information instantly

If the maintenance teams require tasks from workers from personnel or support departments, these details belong within the system as part of the overall project. Coordinating your vehicles, generators, and flatdecks to haul vast distances of pipe, winches and digging equipment, cranes, and spools of wire, can be confusing for everyone involved. FreshVu2Go’s SaaS management tool makes coordination and communication easy and simple to implement. Maintenance Pro, one of the management tools in FreshVu2Go’s software, streamlines numerous channels of contact from a single place, allowing records to be established and updated as the repair or maintenance job moves towards completion. Cost and time monitoring are also available instantly at your fingertips with FreshVu2Go’s Maintenance Pro.

If you need precision, ease, and speed in your respective maintenance projects, give FreshVu2Go SaaS management tool a free try today!