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A simple Internet search gives you a myriad of options for an inventory software solution. It’s difficult to know which inventory management software will fit your needs, so here are some tips to find the system that is right for you.

Choosing an industry-leading inventory control software is too important to leave to companies that aren’t reputable. The best products come from companies that have deployed their software in a wide variety of industries, and FreshVu2Go has been put through its paces by companies from apparel to mechanical businesses around the world. First, look for robust functionality and versatility, such as these features:

  • Analytics: Information is critical to managing and growing your business, but you need more than numbers on a page to transform data into actionable information. Robust inventory control software will give you a range of customizable reporting options, including advanced analysis for the decision makers in your company.
  • Expiration Date Tracking: If your inventory includes time-sensitive products, your inventory software should track expiration dates from the moment they are received until they are shipped. Because expiration-related issues could crop up in the future, the software should also include the ability to track historical expiration date data.
  • Manufacturing: Smooth production cycles depend upon sound management of resource planning and production. The right software can allow you to gain a competitive advantage because it gives you the ability to respond quickly to the needs of your customers.
  • Remote Data Collection: The top inventory software providers can combine software and hardware solutions that will allow you to remotely access vendor and customer data, track inventory and fixed assets, and issue sales orders and receive purchase orders.
  • Retail Management: If you have retail locations, look for an inventory software solution that can increase the productivity of your employees, adjust inventory at point-of-sale, and automate purchasing.
  • Inventory Control: The inventory software solution that you choose should have the ability to track serial number, print barcodes, and store item images. It should allow you to define automatic reorder points, the purchase currency and cost, and the sales currency and cost. If you have unique pricing requirements, the software should allow you to assign different price points to the same item. It should also allow for manual counts and adjustments, as well as provide an audit trail for inventory adjustments.
  • Flexibility is the Key: An inventory software solution should be robust, but it should also be flexible. For example, if you deal in apparel, a module that tracks color, size, and style should be available. If your company provides services and returns, you may need a module that allows you to issue return merchandise authorization numbers, receive replacement items from your vendors, and issue replacement items to your customers.

Whichever inventory software solution you choose, make sure that it has both the features you need at the present time, and those that you are likely to need in the future.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you can’t afford not to have the most up-to-date information available in a form that enables you to make decisions in response to market demands. To learn more, give FreshVu2Go a free trial here:

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Taking steps to expand your business’ client base, to provide better service, and to perform more efficiently, requires sound planning and analysis of how your company has done in the past. Your approach will demand ever-modernizing steps to make your business memorable and unique.

A common approach towards standardizing your practices must incorporate the customer psychology that has been employed by sales departments since the mid-1980s, when Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Influence were applied for the first time. The six principles are:

Authority – People tend to obey authority figures, even if they are asked to perform something uncomfortable.

Commitment/Consistency – If staff, employees, or customers commit to a common concept or goal, they are more likely to honor that commitment because the concept or goal is congruent with how they view themselves.

LikingPotential customers will be much more likely to buy an item if they like the person who is selling it to them.

Reciprocity – People tend to return favors, so free samples will psychologically prod them to purchase another item to make the result balance out.

Scarcity – Offers that are available for a “limited time only” encourage increased sales.

Social Proof  – Individuals will do things that they see other people doing, mostly because they wish to feel like they belong and that they prefer to appear ordinary rather than outstanding in any way.

Once you have taken the various steps to use influence to improve your business, your next need is to have a trustworthy set of tools to handle the sales you will subsequently make.

FreshVu2Go keeps your records safe in our cloud-based SaaS management software while letting you access your inventory from anywhere with a WiFi connection. Our system allows you to perform all of your accounting duties as your business thrives and grows.

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FreshVu2Go provides a completely integrated, SaaS inventory solution for many businesses and industries. The advantages of integrated software systems lies in the uniformity of user interface, consistency in global company data, and no requirements for data transcription from one system to the next. The inherent reliability of many processes in FreshVu2Go lend themselves to many particular disciplines. One example is ship management, where these challenges and duties might come your way:

  • Accident /Incident/NearMiss Reporting
  • Bunkering/Lubes/Fresh Water
  • Cargo Damages/Stevedore’s Damages
  • Check Lists/Action Lists
  • Crew Management
  • Crew Payroll
  • Crew Training and Drills
  • Data Export/Import
  • Document Control and Repository System for ISM Code Compliance
  • Drydocking
  • Engine/Auxiliary Equipment Log/Performance
  • ISM Audit Planning
  • Legal Matters
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Provision for updating Port State Control Regulations
  • Replication Module
  • Safety Management System
  • Spare Parts Control/Stores/Provisions Management
  • Survey Status/Certificates
  • System Administration and Integrity
  • Vessel’s General Accounts
  • Voyage Accounting/Profitability
  • Voyage Diary/Logs

Whether your business requires ship management, or a vastly different set of needs, FreshVu2Go’s SaaS management software can help you. Give it a free trial here:

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You can design an acceptance sampling plan to signal when to undertake a total physical inventory count. Compared to taking a total inventory count at a fixed period (annually), sampling can provide you with more accurate record counts, cause less disruption of operations, and lower costs. The sampling plan involves a relatively small number of items at frequent periods.

The sampling plan itself is developed based on the Operating Characteristic Curve as a criterion to ensure that the sample size is sufficient and that the accept/reject decision rule matches your operating standard for minimum accuracy (i.e. 95%, 98%, etc.).

With sampling, you do not have to physically count the items for every part number every year, as long as the estimated accuracy of recorded counts is sufficient and the statistical margin of error of the estimate is sufficiently small. I know that in some leading companies, the accountants support this sampling practice.

By counting small samples frequently rather than performing total inventory counts annually, you can detect and correct record-keeping system problems early – using control charts.

In summary, the sampling approach can lead to sizable cost reductions. You conduct a total inventory only when the inventory book counts are sufficiently inaccurate to justify it. Combined with the application of control charts to the small but more frequent samples, you will discover special causes and improve the accuracy of the inventory recording process and the smaller samples are less disruptive of operations.

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fv_salesThe quote-to-order process often contains many challenges such as absent signatories, delivery errors, lost order paperwork, misplaced quotations, order entry mistakes, and quotes containing mistakes in verbiage or amounts. These can all produce poor customer satisfaction, delays, and increased costs. Knowing which step you should choose as your first depends on what steps you want on record and require you to know the advantages of all three sales tools.

First up, price quotes are cost estimates based on discussions you have with your customer. They are free of charge, are binding if accepted in writing before they expire (usually 30 days) but are not binding on you. If you do not wish to accept an unexpired price quote, you can decline it then request a new price quote as the parameters of your project become more defined or your plans change. At both the line and schedule of a quotation, you do not have access to lot selection and soft allocation that sales order lines and schedules, do not apply to quotations. When entering a quote, you must enter an expiration date to note the amount of time (term) that prices and terms on the quote are no longer valid.

Next, sales orders represent a mutually binding contract to provide products and services you have ordered for the dollar amount specified. The production of a sales order will automatically prompt a fulfillment department to ship your order and produce an invoice. Also, sales orders require documentation, such as including an email or fax in which you place the order, or a contract, a signed price quote, or an organizational purchase order. Sales orders also commonly include your conditions of sale.

Last, invoices are demands for full or partial payment on past or future products and services and are due and payable within 30 days to avoid accrual of interest and/or late payment fees. Some of your established customers, for example, receive an invoice each month for their purchases that occurred in the prior month.

FreshVu2Go’s sales order solution facilitates workflow to provide you with more confidence that customers have the best possible experience. With FreshVu2Go, your quote-to-order process is accurate, efficient and fast. You gain the visibility you require to plan your business. It links your existing quote, sales order and invoicing processes, and eliminates redundant work and manual tasks thus eliminating errors and increasing your credibility with your customers.

Visit FreshVu2Go’s sales features here: ( email today for more information.

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Depending on the type of small business you have, a good management system should be able to keep track of product inventory. In a service-related business the system should be able to track service charges or labor sales. Since everything starts with invoicing, the product should be automatically deducted from inventory by part number or product code when an invoice is created. Some other considerations for inventory control by product code or part number is likely to include:

  • Ability to perform physical inventory counts
  • At least 12 months of sales history by month
  • Automatic deduction from perpetual inventory
  • Bin locations
  • Create stock orders with stocking levels and reorder points
  • Post receipts
  • Product fields like pricing, descriptions, etc…
  • Track special orders

You’ll also need features like these:

  • Accounts Receivables
  • Cash
  • Cost-of-Sales
  • Freight
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Sales Taxes

There may be other considerations that may be unique to a particular business. One of the most important aspects of a business accounting software system is to find an all-encompassing system. Find a system with a minimal amount of human interaction that allows password security protection by function.

For all of these features, and for the benefit of your small business, give FreshVu2Go a try. Get you 30-day free trial here: