Why FreshVu2Go Is Better Than The Rest

After a survey of other competitive cloud-based inventory/accounting packages, their shortcomings become obvious almost immediately:

  • Poor inventory management
  • Almost non-existent sales analysis
  • No management accounts, only financial accounts
  • Add-ins are expensive to build into the functionality
  • Reluctance of program developers to deliver features that customers request
  • Inability to allocate multiple bank rows to a single bill
  • No email triggers for when invoices get marked as paid by someone on the team, that others are automatically notified
  • No negative inventory support
  • No support for wholesale on demand
  • No dropshipping
  • Inability to export data
  • Inability to synchronize banking done in certain countries
  • Inability to use assorted payment gateways
  • Difficulty in editing transaction templates
  • Poor customer support
  • Support only by lengthy emails
  • Weak multicurrency
  • Inflexible reporting
  • Lack of job costing features
  • Inability to handle in-depth inventory requirements
  • Limited reporting
  • Limited payroll not yet as smooth as other functionalities

FreshVu2Go, however, does not force you – the customer – to suffer from any of the above challenges. Give it a free trial today to make running (and recording) your business both easy and fast.